Sunday House Progress

With the wedding coming up this weekend, I needed to get a little house cleaning done.  I called on my trusty daughter Kalissa and she came and helped.  Oh I love help cleaning.  She plays just the right music and chats just enough to actually make cleaning tolerable.


I could have just kissed her.  I was so thankful for the help.  She gave me enough boost that if I just clean one other spot or room each day of the coming week, I should be good.

While us girls were doing cleaning the boys, Hubby and Kalissa’s boyfriend Craig, went and worked on the house in town.  I am standing in the dining room and looking towards the kitchen.  From about the blue garbage can and back all the way to the gold colored walls is going to be removed.  On the left you can see the part of a wall-that will be gone.  From that wall straight back will be the addition.  The first four feet will be dining room again and the next 19 feet will be kitchen.  It will be open.


Seeing this finally gave me a “feel” of what the remodel will look like now that the guys got the wall down between the kitchen and dining room.  I just love it!!

In the next picture, the white spot is where the built in for the dining room was.  Hubby had to take it out as that area is coming off and will then be built again.  We’re debating now to see if we want to put the built in back in.  For now we have the pieces all bundled and ready for whatever we decide.

It was so nice that the kids helped Hubby feel a little better about some progress at the house in town and Kalissa helped me feel a little better about the house we’re living in.

I sure am glad we have some good workers in the family.

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