Sunday Happenings

Sunday the 9th, was a big day.  I take that back.  It was a huge day.

Kalissa and I took the boys to church.  During services we heard that the lady who went to our church who acted much like a grandma to Kalissa had been moved to the nursing home.  We decided after church to bring her flowers and the church bulletin.

We had a nice visit.  We kept it short as Carver was antsy but it was so nice….and short visits are okay.  She had heard that Kramer had passed away and sent along her condolences.  I am so glad we went.

From there…Home.  Kalissa and I decided to go ahead with plans for the garage sale for the weekend.  It will be Thursday and Friday 4-7 and then Saturday morning.  We are known for our EPIC garage sales and hope this one will be no different.

It started with LOTS of garage cleaning.  Our garage had gotten to be a holding bin of unfinished projects.  The last six month here, Kramer didn’t do anything in the garage.  That means none of the old projects got refinished and none of the new projects (yes he bought more while he was sick) got touched.  Going in the garage was pretty depressing.  It was a museum of good intentions.  It made all of sad to see…it made us feel like Kramer lived an unfinished life.  I started making decisions….what did I want to try to fix myself?  What could I fix with a little help that I wanted to keep?  Everything else was getting sold on the garage sale.

It took a couple hours but WOW.  My garage was actually nice and more spacious than ever.

After that, Craig said, “Let’s get those plants planted.”  Well, who am I to not take help so…we tackled the plants.

We got several outside plants from the funeral.  Kramer and I hadn’t landscaped or planted plants the front side on the house to the south.  We weren’t sure what we wanted and we are kind of “do it as we can afford it people”.  So this waited.  Well we got in PERFECT plants…hydrangeas and bridal wreath spirea.

I set the plants out where I wanted them and Craig went to work.  He’s such a trooper.

Of course little can be done without around here that Carver isn’t a part of!!

This hydrangea totally perked up after a good soaking!

Kalissa grabbed some really cute pictures of Carver.  Aren’t they cute??

All in…now it was time for a beer and supper!
I am pleased with it.

Remember I saved this landscape edging from the local church rectory when they tore it down.  Well I’ve finished all the projects I was hoping to with it.  I’m so thankful I saved that!!  It’s been the perfect thing.  I love that it matches the color of the porch cement.

The final touch we put up the wind chime we were given as a memorial.

It’s one of my favorite things.  Hearing it is a bit of whisper of a happier memory.  I highly recommend a wind chime as a gift when a loved one has passed.

Here’s how the house looks now.  There are some things I still want to do but slowly it’s coming all together.

More than ever I am working on house projects.  Kramer and I both so loved the house.  When I’m working it’s so easy to think of him.  I know he’d love how things are coming along.

Thanks so much to everyone who gave us plants for outside.  It’s been good for me….and the house looks better than ever.

..and as always…thanks to Craig, Kalissa, Carver and little Gannon.  They are the best help.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Happenings”

  1. Cute picture of the little boy.

    Sorry for the loss of Kramer. I know it’s not easy. Just lost my husband in October due to small cell lung cancer.

    I know you miss him! Big hugs.

  2. Donna Pheneger

    What a wonderful idea of giving wind chimes to someone whose loved one has passed. I’ll have to remember that.
    Your home is looking so beautiful!

  3. What a great day. Those memories Carver and Craig are making working together are priceless. Dad is in his 80s now and we still talk about those adventures.

    I can only imagine how hard it was to look at Kramer’s works in progress. He seems like the sort of guy that would rather be tinkering and dreaming to the end with the thought of doing one more project.

  4. Lori Sparks Douglas

    Carver looks like Grandpa Moo with dirt on his face. What a hard worker! Reminds me of the picture of Roger leaning in Carver’s window saying hello.

    Love the house and that porch is awesome. I never thought of a wind chime and love your description of the whispering of a loved one. You are creating your own ways to honor Roger. Your home is lovely!

    Been thinking of you all!

  5. Marianne Barta

    Your home looks wonderful with the new plants in memory of Kramer — and love the wind chimes also.
    So glad you are able to move forward even as difficult it must be. Prayers to you and Hugs

  6. The wind chime idea is a wonderful idea! I haven’t heard of it before. What an amazing son in law Craig is; beautiful young family!

  7. Your home is lovely.
    You have great kids and their spouses!
    You are one of the smartest ladies I know.
    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I’m always thinking of you, Roger and your family.
    Take care.

  8. SusanfromKentucky

    The new plantings look so good on your house!
    I had to laugh about the windchimes. I got 4 when my husband died 2 years ago and I already had 2.
    Have to say, in those pictures, Carver looks like a mini Karl!

  9. Jo, your new plants are beautiful; everything looks lovely. Your work crew is adorable.
    I, too, love the idea of giving wind chimes as a memorial. I am going to remember that one.

  10. Carver is just precious! He looks so much like Kramer as a little boy (in photo you recently posted). I wonder if their personalities (as children) are similar. Carver seems to have the “helper” gene!
    Take care…

  11. Your home is so beautiful, and the gardens look so pretty. Nice Job. Kramer is looking down from Heaven and is very proud of what all you and the family are doing around your home. Grand kids are great aren’t they. They like to be so helpful and it is good for them to be involved. Take care and have a great summer.

  12. Keeping busy and doing for others is the best therapy for you on your healing journey. Your house and yard look so nice with the new plantings. I love Carver’s million dollar smile!

  13. The house looks wonderful and the yard looks very pretty and fresh. The pictures of Carver are just precious. Blessings to all.

  14. Your home looks gorgeous with the wrap around cladding and I love that you guys fly your flag over there. Spending time in the garden is part of a healing journey and every moment shared with family and friends is a precious moment that wraps you in their love. Thanks for sharing these moments with us.

  15. Sandra Davidson

    Hi Jo, I just love your home it is so sweet and you and Kramer have done so much to it even though you keep saying it’s a work in progress. I am sure Carter is so much help. What a sweet guy. Grandchildren are the best.
    Just keep on going you are doing well. Hugs from Friend in Canada

  16. Thank you for the lovely windchime idea! Your house looks wonderful! I love the big porch and your new plantings are going to be so pretty when they are all in bloom. We will all leave projects uncompleted when we are gone. I know I need a lot more time to use all of the fabric here! Your beautiful house has many of Kramer’s projects, made with love. ♥

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