Sunday Garage Day!

Sunday was my day to clean out the garage.  I’ve been picking up lot of auction find with the idea of reselling but I haven’t gotten to reselling them.  Long ago we sold a lot of things of Facebook groups and Marketplace but that had slowed way down so we kind of quit doing it.

Then on Sunday I decided to give it another try.  I wasn’t looking to make big money but did want to sell things at a reasonable price.  The main goal was to get this under control and to make me a pricing/fixing station.

It’s not fancy but the table with the shelf in the back is my pricing/fixing station.  It’s obviously not fancy but all the was good with that.  I don’t have to worry about the water stain from a can a pop.  I kind of like that life style.

I decided to take pictures and start listing things.  The chair sadly didn’t sell…yet. (change that…it did sell)

Then I posted this little dresser that folds out to be a desk.  That sold right away.  The person was going to pick it the next day so I was leery but they came with cash in hand.

Once we had an item sell, Hubby started joining in and asked if I’d list our old cabinet.  We bought this in February of 2013 at an antique shop in Marion.  We loved and loved this cabinet.  We used it all the time- first at the farm house and then here.  It was such a nice cabinet.  We paid $275ish for it…we sold it for $300.  Now Hubby was really on board.

Next we listed a trio of these doors.  We got them thinking they should be hinged together and the painted to be a wedding back drop for an outside wedding.

I had this little trio or things, vanity, chair and mirror.  The lady who bought this was THRILLED.  She saw a sewing box on a stand I had in the garage and she bought that too.

We’ve been debating about our claw foot tub.  We had it on the main floor of the house.  We’ve never used it even once the entire time we’ve lived here.  We made the decision to sell it.  Long term if we are able to live here for a long time we’ll want a shower.  For now we thought if we get rid of it I’ll at least have room for the diaper changing table…and so we sold it too.

I sold my triple stroller….

I sold this red cabinet.  I had just bought it on an auction. I bought it for $5 and sold it for $42.  It was a good deal for me the seller and the buyer as that was a fair price too.

We ended up doing a curb side call.  Anything we didn’t want to deal with we put on the curb for free.

The garage is livable.  I’m happy.  I thought after this experience I’d give a little advice for buyer and sellers on the Facebook groups.  Here goes….
If you are a seller:
Make a nice listing.  Include sizes the best you can.  For the bath tub I listed it and then said to Hubby, -crap, I didn’t list the size.  He laughed and said -It’s a bath tub.  What’s there that someone needs to know about size.  Later someone asked if it was heavy.  In the description I wrote that it was cast iron.  Um…yes it’s heavy.  And then I got the question…what size is it?  Bahahaha…. I told Hubby I’d get that question!!!  He had to go measure.

I recommend saying the first person who says sold gets the item.  I had several people what to look.  I let them this time BUT it was a real pain especially when I had others willing to buy it from seeing only the picture.

Mark your items at a fair price….fair to you and fair to the buyer.  That will avoid a lot of price negotiations.

If you are the buyer.
Private message the seller.  Don’t write a message on the post unless you know you want it.  Every time a comment or “like” is added to the post, it brings that item to the top of the page.  That means more people see it.

If you do want it write SOLD.  Don’t write “interested”.  Sold means the item is more likely going to be yours.  You can also write SOLD PENDING QUESTION.  Then private message the seller.

Also write on the post that you sent a private message to the seller.  Sometime the messages go to junk and the seller doesn’t see them.

HAVE CASH.  The person who bought my bath tub wrote “Sold”.  Then wrote PMed you (personal messaged me) then in the message wrote “will be there tomorrow night with cash in hand”.  Now that’s a strong firm statement that I believed.

Do other’s of you sell items via the Marketplace or Facebook Groups?  We really like it.  After Kalissa saw that I had a successful day she decided to give it a try.  She had a great day too.

P.S. Now that I sold a bunch of stuff out of the garage I can now go to an auction again.  YAHOO!!  It also makes me want to do a little more of it.  Oh my, I think I’ve become addicted!!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Garage Day!”

  1. I sold my first item on Facebook marketplace this week. It was my first listing. I listed a car on Tuesday night, a buyer came to drive it Wednesday afternoon, and we’re completing the transfer today. My husband is the wheeler/dealer of the family so I don’t think I’ll be doing this on a regular basis, but it worked this time!

  2. My pet peeve with marketplace is sellers who do not respond to questions or don’t mark the item sold. Another is blurry pictures. I inquired about a treadle sewing machine a few weeks ago in which the picture was so bad that I couldn’t make out a name. When I asked the seller what brand it was, she said I don’t know it’s not mine. When trying to set up a time to come look at the machine I discovered that it was in her possession, yet she didn’t seem interested in providing any information.

    My husband and I make a living selling at flea markets and roadside stands. You need to know your product and a good picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. I’m sure it feels good to have the garage back under control and those who bought got a great deal. Love the advice for buyers and sellers

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