Sunday Funday

I’m trying to make the most of the days that I have off.  I really want to get that pile of quilt tops tackled.  Today was a little harder for me to just grab one and go though.  Today I had to talk myself into quilting this next one.

I really didn’t want to.  There was a reason this quilt was in the pile.  There was a reason I didn’t tackle it….I knew I’d have problems with it.  I knew I didn’t love the quilt….

It looks nice in pictures….Once I’m done and show it as a finish I’ll point out why it’s not my favorite.  It will actually be a great quilt for showing my ideas on color theory…  But now I want to talk a little about that quilt that is in the pile that you don’t want to and never find the time to quilt.

This one was mine.  I finally gave myself permission to just quilt it.  I wasn’t holding myself to making this one look spectacular.  I gave myself permission to not go above and beyond.  I told myself it was fine to just get it done….and that’s what I did.

It’s still going to be a fine quilt.  I’m still doing a good job.  I’m not however fretting about it.

See how it doesn’t lay really flat??  That was a challenge, but I pulled up my big girl pants, did my best and moved on.  I wanted the quilt top pile finished more that I wanted a perfect product and that’s what finally got me working on this quilt.

Do you give yourself permission to just finish a project??  It was actually really freeing.  I’m so glad this won’t be hanging over my head anymore.   What a relief.

I had a trusty sidekick helping me.  See??…she’s been much better these last two days.

I worked on this quilt until is was off the ground and Rosie couldn’t pee on it.  Then I went on to bind this….

Imagine my frustration when I got this far and had no more binding fabric…AHH.  I was out of fabric too….so, being this quilt is going for a benefit, I ripped all of the binding off and started with new binding.  I wanted teal but alas…not enough teal in the stash so option B..was pink.  If I were to do it again, I think I would have made it scrappy.  
Stay tuned this week when I show the whole finished and you can weigh in on what you would have done for binding.

I originally got these blocks from Roxanna.  She gave up on the quilt and sent it my way.  When she was making it, she was going to put in a row of light colored blocks.  I opted against that…but then I had blocks left over.

I ended up deciding to make a baby sized quilt using them and focusing on low volume fabrics.  
Today I did some speed sewing and put this top together.

It’s not fancy but I like it.  I’ll add it to the pile of quilt tops I have that need quilting.  I thought about adding a border but I think it’s okay as is…opinions?

I had planned on trying to take pictures of the quilts I’ve finished in the last couple days so I could start writing blog posts about them but it was terribly windy, rainy and cold today.  There will be a better day for it.

I ended up getting the big string quilt I showed in the first pictures off the frame.  Whew…another one just a little further on the road to completion.

Today I’m heading over to Quiltville.  I want to check out the Sew in Place quilt along… I really want to get my own stuff done so I hate to start anything new but with the way things are looking, I’ll have all of April (and maybe longer) off work so I might as well.  Are you joining the fun??

Fingers crossed for some nice weather so I can take some pictures of the finished quilts….

28 thoughts on “Sunday Funday”

  1. I love that last light small quilt! I hope you’ll share a little with us about how you picked those fabrics. Be well.

  2. Pamela Dempsey

    The star string quilt is pretty! Miss Rosie has the cutest face, glad to hear she’s doing better. The baby quilt in light colors turned out great. :)

  3. I love the light colored quilt. You amaze me with all you get done. Enjoy this time you have off. You deserve a time of rest and doing just what you want to do. Hugs

  4. It makes dogs so happy to have us all to themselves! All the time! Ha!
    Such a cute low volume baby quilt, really love it. So sweet. Look forward to your upcoming quilt stories.

  5. The ‘left over’ quilt is soooo cute. And a picture of Rosie next to it would be too darned cute. I think the colors of both would look great together. I happen to love that little quilt just like it is.

  6. I think the baby quilt is fine without borders. Lo-vo is kind of modern and modern quilts tend to leave off the borders. The fabric is very sweet.

    Rosie is too cute for words. Her little feet just slay me.

  7. Oh my! Rosie has such a sweet face!
    Can’t wait to hear about the quilts you have finished. I love the baby quilt as is. I would find a binding that accents one of the darker colors in the quilt. That will frame and complete it nicely. But this is just my opintion.

  8. No border necessary on that new quilt and regarding the String quilt, I have 3 things to say. 1. Are you kidding, Jo?!?! 2. Those bumps will TOTALLY “quilt out.” 3. I absolutely LOVE that it!!! (I hope you are happier with that String quilt since it’s been quilted.)

  9. What a happy quilt in pastels! Hugs and kisses to sweet Rosie doggie. I’m ready to start Bonnie’ s sew along also. I’ve put my other projects aside to start this new one with everyone. I also have so many scraps that need cutting into the scrap saver system sizes. Now is the time to catch up, right? I hope your weather improves. Thank God you were safe from the tornado

  10. As Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company says “Done is better than perfect!” I agree with everyone else the baby quilt looks great without borders! Love the low volume look! Rosie looks so cute and innocent peeking out from that quilt!!!

  11. Perhaps a compromise on the border/no border is a wider than usual binding, which makes it more noticeable. That will accomplish both.

  12. Can you share the name of the pattern, block name or size of the blocks for the baby quilt? As I cut up scraps I could lay them aside to make a similar one.

  13. My husband and son set up a table outside on our deck in our 70 degree Florida sunshiny weather. Not rubbing it in, just taking advantage. I have already sandwiched and pinned one top that has languished at least 5 years or more. Not to go to Joanns and get some more pins to do some more tops. I need a bunch. Once they are sandwiched, I can grab one and start the process. I have a sit down Platinum 16 so its pinning intensive. Good job for you!

  14. Love the baby quilt from leftovers. I “see” it with a wide white border with pink or purple rickrack peeking out from the white binding. It just speaks girly to me.

  15. I love all the quilts you have been working on. Looking forward to seeing your posts about them when you are able to photograph. I see that Whittles Fabrics in KY has Unity Quilt FQ bundles, very reasonable prices. They say they are open for mail order. I Knew You said you have ordered from them before

  16. Katherine Gourley

    That low volume baby quilt is precious. Whoever gets it will love it. You do have such a good sense of color.

  17. Check out Kelly Kline Quilting. She is a longarmer and has a method to steam quilts that won’t lay flay-while on the machine. Had a video and it should still be up on her site.

  18. I love the low volume baby quilt. What size are the pieces? I agree with those who said just a binding, not a border. Congrats on all you’re getting done. I have been lazy, but have finished the inner border on BH’s Crab Apple Tree and have all the 9-patches pieced. Will work on that tomorrow. MY husband and I are hunkered down except he’s going for p/t, chemo and groceries. He has cancer, I have diabetes and we’re both in our 70’s. I worry about him going out; we live in PA.

  19. Jo,
    I’m Looking for the pineapple quilt pattern you used. Where would I find that? I have the tracing paper.


    1. Cynthia the pineapple quilt pattern is Bonnie Hunter’s Pineapple Crazy. The pattern can be found in her book String Fling.

  20. Doreen Bulleman

    The small baby quilt is darling. What are the sizes of the pieces? I have so many scraps and would love to make one for our new great-granddaughter. Thanks so much.

  21. Judith Fairchild

    I love the noncooperating. It is pretty the baby quilt is soothing to look at. I think a binding in any of the matching colors would be perfect. Continue praying for all of you, stay home stay safe. Please.

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