Sunday Cancer Update

I just walked in the door and finally have access to a computer to give you a little update. I’m home.

Here’s a picture for live living proof that I made it through treatment and made it through the most boring 48 hours of my life.

Sadly, I didn’t get to stitch while I was there…which is sad but okay.

While I was in the hospital bed all I could think about was sewing and how much I wanted to get my tiny nine-patch blocks made for the week. I’ve kept up every week so far this year and don’t want a little thing like cancer to stand in my way of keeping up with my sew along. I haven’t touched a sewing machine for a week so that means I am LONG overdue. I promise an update on my hospital stay, treatment, and what’s next for me tomorrow.

I think my shirt, “Sew More – Worry Less” is so appropriate for a day such as this. I’m off to grab some machine time…and a shower. Can you believe they wouldn’t let me shower the whole time I was there?? EW!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Cancer Update”

  1. Martha W in WY

    Jo, glad to see your big smile at home! I’m looking forward to see what you accomplish over the next few weeks. I’m working on Chubby Bird. The oak looking leaves are a bugger. One I ripped out twice. On the third stitching, I made a couple of mistakes. I said, I’m not ripping it out again!” HA!

    1. I’m doing the chubby bird too and I am not enjoying it like it did the “Kind Words Never Die” sew along

  2. Jo happy that you are home and can get to your happy place by the sewing machine.
    Been helping to cut down trees and with that comes clean up of the brush. About three days of sewing last week and working on some hand quilting. Will keep on working and moving forward.
    Love your happy face. Take care and get some rest also!

  3. So glad to hear you’re back home! That’s great news and maybe makes up for not stitching in the hospital. Hope you don’t have to still put your projects in time out!

  4. Wonderful news! So glad you are home once again. Sorry those days were very boring, but now they are in the past. Praying that the treatment is a killer (cancer killer that is!). I hope you were able to get to your sewing room and those tiny 9-patch blocks!

  5. Welcome home Jo! I hope everything went smoothly at the hospital. It’s a pity you didn’t get to do any stitching whilst you were there, but hopefully you’re back at your sewing machine now!

  6. Great to see your smiling face. Nothing better than coming home to you own bed and
    Refreshing shower. Rest , and take time for yourself and do what you enjoy.
    Prays for your treatment . And going to be deliver and healed from this cancer .

  7. So they didn’t want to get their shower dirty, but it’s ok to get yours dirty! Ugh. Sorry about the quilting time, but you did get home earlier and you have more freedom than last time. Make sure you take care of yourself. Prayers continue.

  8. So glad you are back home. Have some good sewing time. Maybe get a little
    cross stitch in also at night if you aren’t too tired. Take care now.

  9. Yes- you look awesome and I’m glad that you can now actually sew instead of lamenting about wanting to sew. I’m sure though you put your creative mind to work- I call it “dream sewing “ when you can’t get to the machine with all those ideas…and will create many wonderful things.
    Hope that this treatment will pave the way for many more years of ideas. Blessings to you and your family

  10. April in Iowa

    Awwww… LOOK AT YOU – ALL HAPPY AND HOME!!! This part is behind you, Jo. Congratulations!

    Uh, yeah. Its the little things like a SHOWER that you appreciate! I know its a small thing comparatively, but i cant seem to function without a shower in the morning. So happy that you are back home and praying for ONLY GOOD AND POSITIVE THINGS starting NOW!

    April in Iowa

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