Sunday Adventure

Sunday Hubby and I didn’t have any plans.   I needed to write some blog posts and clean house.  I was doing so reorganizing and finding new places for things which for me, always turns into a bigger mess.  He was going to work in the garage.

I sat down at the computer to write a blog post…I’ll admit, I looked at Facebook first.  I saw an ad that read, “Cleaning out a house next to Jay’s Automotive. If you are looking for any household furnishings like tables, chairs, hutches, kitchen items, knick nacks, you name it. Stop by and make an offer. Will be here till about 5 today. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO GO!”  Hmm…there were no pictures with the ad…just the ad.  I went in the garage and told Hubby about it and he said, “Let’s go!”

To heck with accomplishing anything…off we went.

When we got there, the family was cleaning out a house.  A sister in the family had passed away and everything was going in a big old truck and being hauled away to be burned.  They told us we were free to roam the house and make an offer on anything.  We found a couple things but someone in the family wanted to keep them.  Then we’d look and find a few more things.  I found these, only three, flipped them over and saw they were Pyrex.  Kayla collect Pyrex so I added them to the pile.


It was hard for us to know what to get and not to get.  We typically like furniture and fix that.  We know little to nothing about enamel, crocks and the other things we picked up.  We hated for it to just be thrown but honestly, we didn’t know if it was worth anything.  We ended up with a truck bed full….


..and a back seat

The enamel wear was really dirty.  We found it out in a back garage that didn’t look like it had been used for awhile.


We had a junking expedition and it was fun hanging with Hubby….I knew I was in for a lot of work once we got home so I bargained for a stop at the Barrel for a fresh peach shake….and they we stopped at Country Chrome.  It’s a place along the highway that took a couple outdoor buildings and turned them into a venue.  They had live music and beer of course.  The place was packed.  There were so many motorcycles.  They also have Barnyard BBQ serving up their great food…so we got some and headed towards home.


Once there is was LOTS of scrubbing and cleaning.  The enamel was in worse shape than I thought….pretty holey.  It will make fun planters for someone though.  I also wish I had my fairy gardens in them.  They surely would be a lot lighter than my heavy ceramic planters.  MUCH easier to carry in when winter comes too.  I’ll likely have a vendor booth at the trunk show coming up so if you’d love to see some enamel wear that is holey and would make great planters give me a shout out and I’ll bring them along….they will only be a dollar or two for each pot.

All in all…FUN DAY even though now I’m way behind…about that sewing time, I might not get any this week either, but I need a boy baby quilt again so I have to figure out how to squeeze some time out.  Summer is always so busy but so fun too.  I love finding a garage sale and hitting the road.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Adventure”

  1. Debra Hageman

    Jo, I’ve been making fairy gardens out of those type of old enamel pans with the grandkids. I could still use two or three. I’ll buy them from you. Let me know when and where we could meet. Deb

  2. I love those spur of the moment trips! My Mother’s stepmother worked at the Corning Glass factory (MANY years ago) and she was able to pick up Pyrex for next to nothing. She had a complete set of those dishes only in the salmon coloring. I have more Pyrex than a person could possibly use. That was our go-to wedding gift for many years. I still have all mine plus some of my Mother’s-and I’ve been married 44 years this September!

  3. You are becoming “pickers”! LOL It sounds like you had a fun day. It’s always fun to wander and stop here and there.

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