Summertime Serenade Corrections

You all might remember back in 2021 Kelli and I worked with Annie’s Quilting and submitted a design to them.  They picked it up and published it in this book, Pieced Flower Quilts.

The book has nine designs in it.  Although touted as a book, I would really call the publication more of beefed-up magazine.  I hope that makes sense.

The company had contacted us and asked if we were interested in submitting the quilt for possible publication.  The only guideline we got was that the quilt had to be made with pieced blocks and the theme was floral.

I really stepped out of my box when I designed this quilt.  It wasn’t my typical design at all…but I submitted it and they accepted.  Here it is…

We were then sent a form as to how to write the pattern instructions.  It was a fill-in-the-blank kind of thing such as:

Cutting Directions:  Use the 1/2 symbol and not .5 when designating 1/2″.  Also, write the directions to cut everything at once.

Well, I tried using their formatted style and about died trying.  I asked Kelli if she could help.  After about 10 phone calls back and forth and great frustration, we both just gave up.

How they wanted the directions written was totally not my style at all.  For me, I want to write the directions for cutting the tulip flower, then the sewing directions for the flower.  I want to write the directions for cutting the zinnia flowers and then the sewing directions for the flower.

All of those flowers use different sizes of background pieces as do the stem/leaf blocks.  I don’t want to cut out all of the background pieces for an entire quilt and then have to resort through them all to find the pieces I need for a specific block.  What a pain.  How much easier is it to just cut out the tulip blocks only?

I was going crazy.  Kelli was going crazy.  Kelli and I decided to give up.  I wrote back to the company and said we were no longer interested in doing the project as writing the instructions was too overwhelming.

I’ll be the first to admit, I can get grumpy and hard to work with when I have to take my way of doing something and formatting it into something that isn’t my way.  Most of the jobs I’ve ever left have been because of this very reason.  I can’t be or do something I’m not.  I don’t feel genuine, even if it’s something as silly as writing instructions to a quilt pattern.

Anyway, the company got back to us.  They were GREAT!  They said no problem.  No worries.  They were still very happy to work with us.  Send what we had and they would take it from there.  WHEW!!

We dodged a bullet.  We were both so relieved.

Fast forward to a month or so ago.

Blog reader Carla contacted me.  She was making the quilt and could I help?  Um, maybe??

Remember I made this quilt over two years ago?  I have no idea what stack of quilts around here this quilt is in.  I did not write the directions…haven’t really looked at the directions and I didn’t write them…have likely made 20 or more quilts since I made this one.  So…um maybe I could help.

Carla asked some questions and honestly, I would have needed to find my copy of the book to answer them and I don’t think I had my own copy anymore.  I think I sold it as an order came in and it was the only copy left.  Blah.  So, now I didn’t think I could really help.

I read through her question and guessed something was the wrong size but again, couldn’t really answer as I didn’t have a copy of the directions.

I felt so bad…but I also felt SUPER relieved.  I’ve written a pattern.  I’ve totally messed up before.  I felt so miserable…SO miserable.  I knew I had frustrated anyone who made the quilt.  I was just mortified and embarrassed.  I know everyone makes mistakes but AH!!  I didn’t want it to be me that was making them.

I explained to Carla that if there was an error, it was the company’s error.  They would know more than I did.

Carla messaged me and told me there are corrections to the pattern.  There is an error in the pattern.  HERE is the link to the corrections.

I know several of you bought the book from us and if you go to make the quilt, I want you to be aware of the corrections before you sit down to sew and end up frustrated as Carla did.

A million thanks to Carla for sharing this.  I really appreciate it so much.  Now many of you won’t have to experience the same frustration Carla did.

Please print the page and put it inside your book.

Many thanks for understanding and being patient with the publisher.  HERE is a link to the quilt book if you are interested.  If you missed it,  HERE is the link to the corrections.

15 thoughts on “Summertime Serenade Corrections”

  1. Go to Then down at the bottom of the page is a search box where you can click on “pattern services and revisions”. Once you enter in the book name it gives you an option to download the corrections. I hope that helps. I haven’t tried the pattern with corrections yet, but I do intend to because it is a very sweet quilt. Just so you know, Jo, I never for a second got annoyed at you!

    1. Thanks Carla and Jo! You saved me since I just started cutting out this quilt this morning! I’m so glad I saw this message!

  2. I just recently got this book marked down to 2.49 and loved your quilt and the one on the front cover glad to know about the mistake in instructions now before I tried to make them!!! Love your blog and all you do for all of us out here following you!

  3. I recently bought a pattern off Etsy and the number of squares needed just didn’t seem to make sense. My husband and I did the math and it was wrong. I emailed the designer who owned the Etsy shop and she agreed it was wrong. Offered a refund but I said no, it was a minor mistake. Last spring I bought a pattern from a very well known designer and looked on the back of the pattern and found the name of the jelly roll she made the quilt with on the cover and bought it. Opened up the pattern to read it and found out that the fabric she used was not the fabric listed on the pattern. I was ticked! I had found my fabric on eBay and there was no refund and it’s very different from what she used. I sent two emails to two different addresses but never got a reply. So I understand how you must feel about this pattern.

  4. I recently pieced the Boo Crew mystery quilt from Fat Quarter Shop and they have you cut all the pieces, which are numerous, for that week to make 2 different blocks. I found that to be confusing to have so many different pieces and makes the pattern more complicated. I like your way of just giving directions for one block at a time.

  5. I used to get your Blog through Bloglovin but they just aren’t what they used to be. Then I signed up for it on this page and got it for years. All of a sudden it stopped. I’ve resigned up for it a couple of times and still don’t get it. It’s not in my Spam. What’s going on? I miss you!

  6. After encountering a similar situation twice I now go online to check for any revisions before I even pull/purchase fabric

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