Summer (not so much) Fun!

A post from Kelli–

As you know, I was laid off from my office job last December and started going back to school for nursing.  In order to get onto the waitlist for the nursing program, I had to complete a few classes–Anatomy and Physiology I and II, Nutrition, and Dosage Calculations.  I was able to finish most of them this past semester, but enrolled in summer classes to complete Anatomy and Physiology II.  Once I have this class done, I’ll be able to be placed on the waitlist to get into the program.

A and P
The way that the summer class is set up, we are able to complete in a month what would normally be a semester–basically, what we would cover in a week, we are completing in a day.  Between the lecture class and the lab, we have a test at least every other day!  So far, it’s been a lot of work and studying, but I’m getting through it and am pretty sure that I will end up with a good grade and I’ll be able to be waitlisted by the end of the month!  Now to just get into the nursing program…

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  1. I loved how you mentioned that being in a partnership can be difficult at times!! Made me think of how my husband and I juggle and resolve conflicts after 45 years of marriage!! Loved reading every word of your blog. And, you also demonstrated: “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” Lots of life lessons in sewing and quilting! Ha ha!

    Thanks for the opportunity to try winning!! Olfa was good to you!!
    Karen Sebor

  2. I am a sign language interpreter and I have interpreted A and P a half a dozen times…that class is no joke! My hat is off to you for taking it extra fast paced…way to go girl! We need more talented nurses!

  3. God bless you. Nurses do the lion’s share of caring for patients. My mom went back for her masters 27 years after getting her BS, while working and with 3 teenagers. I have no idea how she survived.

  4. Good luck with your classes! My daughter is a RN and I am a retired Lab Tech, so we know how hard some of those classes can be when you are taking them during the regular semester. Can’t imagine working at the pace you are having to right now!

  5. No it’s not fun, but someday, some one will be depending on you and what you learned this summer in AP to explain something to them as to their illness, or accident. I had a “b” of a teacher once in LPN class who said “you are not learning this for the test! You are learning this for LIFE!” and she would pound on her desk. I thought she was a little dramatic, but still I still 40+ yrs later, after being an LPN, RN and BSN…. I still remember that.
    Learn it for Life! Someone’s may depend on it.

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