Summer Fun at the Hanken House

It’s so hard for Kelli to take the kids anywhere.  Georgie is three and the boys Eli and Emmett are one.  Between needing naps, being so active, and trying to stay on a schedule, it is hard to take them to the pool or anywhere for fun so Kelli got a few things she thought she could do at home that would still let them burn off some energy.

Kelli thought that there are likely some of you looking for gifts for the kiddos in your life and you might appreciate seeing some of the items that have been a success at their house.

The kids love the bubble blower Kalissa handed down to them.  There are lots of different versions of these HERE.

Kalissa’s boys loved the bubble blower too but outgrew it.  I’m thinking I might want one of these at my house.

This little playmat sprinkler is PERFECT for her kids.  They all really love it.  You can find it HERE and it’s only $13.

It is safe…no one will drown but yet they still are getting some water play time in.  Kelli tries so hard to let the kids experience all they can and not be hindered that they are all so little.  This is a great safe way for them to have a water experience…and it’s cheaper than a single trip of taking them to the pool.

Georgie loves it too…of course in her horse swimsuit!!

It isn’t huge but big enough for these three to all have fun.
Check out the video Kelli took of them playing…
Just push the play button.

Kalissa also handed down this slide.  HERE is the newer style of the same one.  Kalissa was lucky and found this at a garage sale for $20.  Her boys used it and loved it.  Now Kelli’s are.  The boys can climb to the top and slide down.  It was impossible for Kelli to get a picture of them doing it as she still has to stand by the side and keep them safe.

The boys were gifted THIS little water table for their birthday.  Typically this is a hot spot for them to hang out too but on this day, the kids were all excited about the sprinkler pad.

You can see Kelli’s kiddos are growing so fast.  I keep telling her that before long the kids will be much more manageable.  I have traveled with Kalissa a few times over the last few weeks.  Gannon can do his buckle.  He’s completely potty trained and totally reliable.  She’s only two years away from that.  Fingers crossed.  Then life will be a little more predictable again.

In the meantime, she’s being a great mom and providing the kids with lots of opportunities to have some summer fun.

6 thoughts on “Summer Fun at the Hanken House”

  1. Hi, Jo! Thanks for the “fun in the sun” pics!
    Would you consider including the family connection in your stories? I don’t know who Kelli is to you. Daughter? Granddaughter? The children must be grandchildren. Or great-grandchildren?

    Have enjoyed getting know your family! Thank you!

    1. Hi Mary…I usually do include that info. I must have forgotten this time. Kelli is our daughter so the post is about our grandkids…I’m a long way away from being a great grandma!!

    2. Hi Mary, aren’t Jo’s family stories and pictures the best? If you check out the “About” tab her bio and family info are all there.

  2. What a great reminder that you can still have fun with your kids (or grandkids) without spending a lot of money or traveling! Kelli’s boys are so big now.

  3. Just a suggestion for Kelli and Khalistan with another little one coming. Search on Instagram for Montessori and variations on Montessori for many great ideas for activities for little kids like the twins. I wish I had a little one in my life to share these ideas.

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