Summer Cross Stitch Camp

Have you heard of Summer Cross Stitch Camp? It’s a virtual stitch along with Sherry of Colorado Cross Stitcher. If you’d like more information about it, please go to her Flosstube HERE and watch her video explaining it all.

In general, it goes something like this…Sherry picks a topic for each of the months, June, July, and August. Participants take a picture of their project at the beginning of the month and post it on Instagram. It has to be a new project they haven’t started. They stitch on it all month and try to finish it. Then at the end of the month, participants take a picture of their finished project and share it.

I decided I am going to try to join in this year.

The topics for each month are:
June-bird. You need to stitch something with a bird.
July-something that grows. You need to stitch a piece that has something that grows in it.
August-Something new. You need to stitch using something you haven’t tried before…a new designer, new linen, different count linen, etc.

I’m so glad she announced the topics in advance so I could try to plan something out. I’ve been going through my charts and trying to make decisions. Participants only get one month to complete the projects so…I don’t want anything too big. If I stitched on only the project then I could pick something bigger but I want to stitch on several projects throughout the month…but if it was a focus piece, that would be okay.

Hmm. I don’t want to go out and buy anything new at this point. I have plenty that I think will fit into these categories.

I have a TON of charts that have birds. I like the designer Blackbird Designs and they have a bird in almost everything that they design. I have this book and there are two small pillow pieces that have eagles on them. I like them both! There is the one in the upper right corner.

…and there is this awesome one you see below.

There are other bird designs I’d love to stitch too…this one by With Thy Needle and Thread.

That wouldn’t take too long and I’ve been trying to be really good and stitch the pieces I bought at market. Hmm. But wait. I bought this at market too…but it’s bigger. Hmm.

Then I had the idea to do a combo stitch. I could stitch the needle roll for June because there is a bird and the basket of strawberries in July because it’s something that grows. Hmm.

I hadn’t made any decisions for June so I decided to just think about the other months.

I have these two I wouldn’t mind stitching for July.

This would classify as something that grows. I had it kitted to stitch this Spring but didn’t get to it. This is a Blackbird Design piece.

I also have this cute dog piece I would love to stitch.

For August I feel pretty settled on stitching the little pillow in the bottom of the picture below. I bought a kit to make it when I was doing Market shopping. It is stitched on toweling so that is my “try something new”, to stitch on toweling.

The timing to stitch that is perfect. I’ll stitch it in August and have it to display in September. PERFECT!!

I felt pretty comfortable with my choices but then I thought of something else that is entirely different. Oh my.

Some time ago I bought the charts to stitch the For the Birds series by Blackbird Designs. This is a nine-part series. Many people have stitched the charts all together in one big piece.

Stitched in one piece, it looks like this… Photo from The Geary’s website HERE.

I also have the Garden Club series… It also features birds and things that grow. Hmmm.

Stitch all together it looks like this… Again the picture is from The Geary’s website. You can find it HERE.

I probably shouldn’t start the series as part of cross stitch camp as I really wouldn’t finish the whole piece…right? At the same token, you can see that each is also its own chart and each is also an individual finish. Hmm.

I really think if I don’t start one of the series for stitch camp, I might start one of them as my birthday start. I’d have to wait all the way until December but at least I would be starting it. Oh my…I really love both of the pieces and would LOVE to have them stitched and hanging on my wall. I had so much fun stitching Anniversaries of the Heart…I know I would love stitching on one of these too!!

When I’m indecisive like this, it sometimes helps me to write a blog post and organize my thoughts…today, not so much. I ended up thinking of more options than I originally had. Thank goodness there are a few days for me to narrow it all down.

Are any of you participating in Cross Stitch Camp? Again, if you’re curious go and check out Colorado Cross Stitcher for the details. Here’s the link.

8 thoughts on “Summer Cross Stitch Camp”

  1. Decisions…decisions! Would the Faithful Friends dog fit in one of your new oval frames? Do you have a beagle for Rosie too?

  2. I have my projects picked for Stitch Camp but haven’t committed yet. Hubby has two suspicious masses that will be biopsied on June 2nd. I’m afraid to commit to anything until we know more. Guess I’ll just start stitching and decide then. I love what you picked out! I’ll enjoy watching your progress.

    1. My best advice to anyone who is caring for a spouse that has an illness…Keep stitching. Have something to take with you to all of the appointments and hospital stays. Hopefully you’ll get good news and won’t have to worry about it.

  3. Amy Sidelinger

    So much fun to see all your options. Decision making is going to be challenging with so many beautiful options. I don’t dare start anything new.

  4. I’m going to do the hummingbird for Summer Camp. I haven’t thought about the other months yet.

  5. I have stitches the Faithful Friend from Scattered Seeds Samplers. It is a delightful piece and moves along quickly. Good luck.

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