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I recently got two different emails from blog readers.  I’m hoping someone might be able to help me help them.

The first comes from Sandie in Kansas City, MO :  “I read your blog and noticed that you are setting up lists of people who need quilting supplies for charity projects.  The posting that caught my eye was the lady that makes burial clothes for infants that don’t survive delivery.  I have boxes of lace that I used to use when I made doll clothes eons ago and would love to pass it on to her to use – and to get it out of my sewing room.  I didn’t know if you would be comfortable in passing along my email to her or if you can provide me with her email and/or mailing address.  If I can get in contact with her I can take it from there!  I’ve provided my name and mailing address and please feel free to provide it and my email address to her.”

UGH..  Awhile back someone had contacted me or left a blog comment telling me that they were looking lace.  Do you think I can find the email or comment.  I can’t.  UGH.  I am so frustrated as this sounded like such a wonderful, well needed cause.  I’d love for these two people to be able to link up and work together for good.  Does anyone know who this might be that could use the lace?

I have another email from a blog reader, Beth, saying:  “I have been searching and searching for a place that will take the little slivers from squaring up, thread snips, batting scraps etc.  I had a place awhile back that would take this type of material, along with clean clothing with holes (not something you would send to the thrift shop)  and recycle it into insulation.  Might you know of a place like this?  I wouldn’t mind shipping it if it means keeping it out of the landfill.”

I am certain there is someone out there who could use this for making pet beds.  I hear of people doing this regularly.  Is there anyone willing to take Beth up on the offer?

Let me know if anyone can help with suggestions.  I’ll pass them along to the people wishing to donate.

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  1. Goodwill takes scraps of all sizes and sells them to a company that shreds them and uses them for insulation in clothes. I throw holey clothes in with them. They get all my little snippets.

  2. Google Angel Burial Clothing. They have regional Non-Profits that take wedding gowns for burial clothing. I am sure they would take lace also. There have been news clips about women doing it, but maybe wouldn’t be in your area.

  3. I’m the one who said I belong to an organization that makes layettes for miscarried babies. It is called Holy Sews. ( The main chapter is out of Little Rock, Arkansas but our chapter is located in New York. I had mentioned the lace specifically because Jo had been gifted a large amount of lace that was just perfect for our needs. We also use cotton, flannel, and fleece but so do so many other organizations. Lace (and other trims) seems more pertinent just to our ministry. I can be reached at sewretired611@gmail if anyone has any further questions.

  4. In our area our church ladies organization – The Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – made Angel Gowns last year as their fall project. We made about 50 or 60 gowns at least, using just nice white material and trims. The lady who headed the project got a list of hospitals in our area (Maryland) and called the first one to ask if they needed baby burial gowns. They said, “YES!” They need at least 10 per month, she reported. And that was just ONE hospital. Imagine how many other hospitals need Angel Gowns and don’t have them. It’s wonderful that there are regular chapters who do this work and send Angel Gowns around the country.

  5. Ronda(from your listing) said that someone in her guild makes pet pillows, so I sent a bunch of bits to her. Hope this helps.

  6. Cuttings from squaring up blocks go in my compost bag. Those little bits compost well and feed the soil.

  7. I save the smallest of small pieces and give them to the local pet shelter as they fill pillowcases and make beds for animals.

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