Sue’s Quilt

Do you remember awhile back a blog reader, Sue from Manchester, was looking for a specific fabric??  (If you missed that post, you can read it here.)

Sue was looking for this fabric.  She had purchased it several years ago at Wal-Mart and didn’t have the amount she needed.  She was curious whether I had any of the fabric.


Well I didn’t but offered to write a blog post about it and see if I could find the fabric.I did and Sue was so happy.  Several people had the fabric and several people offered to share.

Sue wrote me a note a couple days ago so I could see her finished project.  I thought all of you might like to see it too….Here’s a close up so you can see the need for the fabrics…


…and here’s the quilt top finished.

It’s so cute!  The fabrics go so nicely together….the four patches are fun on point.    For a bit I thought Sue could just improvise with other fabric but now I can see that these fabrics together really do make the quilt.


Sue and I can’t thank you enough for be willing able to share.  I swear…blog readers are the best!  Thank you…Thank you.

Don’t you just love happy endings??

4 thoughts on “Sue’s Quilt”

  1. And such a charming quilt. It would have been a shame for it to be less than great when someone probably was wondering why that fabric was still in their stash.

  2. I owe a big Thank You to Jo for helping me find the fabric I needed! Such a sweetheart for all the things she does for other people. Jo hooked me up with Kathy in New Hampshire and Vivian in Florida who were able to send me the pink and purple that I needed. I have told the story of my fabric search to family and friends and they are all amazed at the connections that were made. Quilters are the best for helping each other out. THANK YOU to Jo, Kathy and Vivian!

  3. What a happy quilt – love it! So wonderful that Kathy and Vivian reached out to help Sue with additional fabric needed. And thanks to you, Jo, for assisting with such a happy ending!

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