Success…Workers DONE!! (with one step)

So Wednesday we had some success on the new house front.  Remember we were suppose to get the wall saw guys to come-and the didn’t and didn’t and didn’t??  Well Wednesday they did!!


I am so happy.  I think the part that makes me the happiest is that we don’t ever need to wait on them again.  They completed their job.

The old part of the house foundation can now be removed and the new basement dug.  Our excavator guy has two weeks or so to accomplish that before the cement guy is free.  Several people in the comments mentioned that I need a new cement guy or that we need to find a new carpenter.  Things don’t work like that when you live in a rural area.  There are about three guys in the area that do cement.  One we won’t have because he has had to redo work.  One is the one who I believe drew red eyebrows on Ruby when they had a job here at the farm (remember that?).  The one we hired is the one our carpenter prefers to work with.  If we be stinky or demanding, they just drop our job farther to the bottom of the list.  There is far more work in our area than their are people to do it.  No mater which carpenter, cement man or excavator we choose, all have a long list of people waiting.  When we talked to our carpenter back in July of last year, he told us then that there was no way we could get this done until this year…everyone is just that busy.

We are very happy with the work that all of the people who we are hiring do…we just aren’t happy with their schedule or their timeliness.  There is no where else to go and get the quality of work we want done.  All of the workers we hired are reliable, respectable, honest and can work on their own without slacking off.  That was important to us.

Little by little this can happen…I know it can.  I believe God tests us in was that helps makes grow.  I’ve always been horrible with being patient and this must be my test…so far I am not passing.  I’m going to work on that.

In the meantime, I have other things that I need to get done…like stripping that cupboard…and I’m doing the happy dance all the way to the garage to get going on that.

6 thoughts on “Success…Workers DONE!! (with one step)”

  1. I think that can be true of a lot of areas. If you don’t treat them right. Nice to know if I was a carpenter, cement guy, and wanted to move to a rural area!

  2. The weather last winter and now this summer has put most construction projects behind. There is one way you may be able to speed up some of the workers – fresh homemade cookies.

  3. That sounds just like our little town in the California mountains! We’re getting the outside of our house painted, and they should have started 10 days ago. But they’re running behind on their current jobs. They are the people who do the best job, and who have worked for several of our friends. And the only other painter in town has a poor reputation. So we smile and wait.

  4. I’ve only been following your blog for about 6 weeks but I must say I do enjoy reading your updates about your house renovations :)

  5. I just read the story about your poor dog—I would be worried about what the person that did that would want to do for their next trick. It’s just really hard to find people who do this kind of work that are honest, trustworthy, and dependable any more.

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