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When the folks over at Moda Bake Shop asked the Moda Chefs to submit pictures of their studio, I about cringed.  My “studio”….um, I have a sewing room.  There is nothing studio about my sewing space.I debated on opting out of this but then I thought no…let’s be real.   So this, is my sewing space…this and the dining room table.We live in an old rented farm house.  I am super lucky because this room that I sew in is just off my kitchen.  Years and years ago when the family put indoor plumbing in, they lobbed off a corner of the room and put a small bathroom in leaving an “L” shaped room behind.  That “L” shaped room is my sewing room.  The room was originally 12.5′ x 12.5′.  They cut a bathroom out of one corner that is 7.5′ x 5″.  I have the remaining space for my sewing.  I used to have open cupboards but it was SO messy looking and I am not neat at all so we purchased these cabinets from a “dented cabinet” store.

Honestly, I don’t see a dent in them.  The cabinets are actually bathroom cabinets so they aren’t deep like kitchen cabinets.  They work perfect.  The center section is actually a bathroom vanity.  I keep my mini ironing board there and love it.  It’s at the perfect height and it doesn’t take up gobs of space.    Under the vanity cabinet I am storing my Perkiomen Daydreams pieces that my daughter Kelli and I are slowly working on.  We got two of the quilts done last year and have two more to finish!The good thing about the cabinets is that they aren’t built in.  If we move out, we can take them with us.I mostly purchase fat quarters, 1/4 or 1/2 yard cuts.  I love scrappy quilts so it’s what I need.  I keep all the fabric sorted by color in the drawers of the plastic drawers.  I really want to replace these with a wooden dresser or something similar but I haven’t found what I am looking for so this is working for now.

I have baskets on top of my cabinets.  The picnic baskets on the left are full of wool scraps.  The small sewing basket is filled with ribbon embroidery supplies.  I haven’t worked with it for years but just can’t part with it yet.  I just love the look of ribbon embroidery.

I have this awesome wire basket that sits on the upper right on the cupboards.  I keep my pre-cuts there.  I bought the basket from Country Threads.

Once I have a designated project for my goodies then I keep them in project baskets like this.

Three of the bottom cupboards are fill with scrap bucket totes that are organized by size using Bonnie Hunter’s Scrap User’s System, which I HIGHLY recommend.  I save 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3.5 and crumb pieces.  I have a set or totes for bright fabrics, Civil War Reproductions and recycled fabric.

I love the knitting bag that is to the left of the totes.  It houses the crumb pieces….(Not familiar with crumbs? Check out this post.)  I throw my scraps in there as I cut then when it’s time for a crumb quilt I just pop it out.  It stand on it’s own and helps reduce the mess when I am crumb quilting.

On the opposite wall of the cupboards is my cutting table.  A couple months ago I purchase this table at Goodwill for $30.  It is PERFECT.  I put risers underneath it so the cutting height is exactly what I like.  I have some totes and baskets along with Gracie’s Kennel housed under the table.  I am in the market for some old suitcases or something that would look more decorative but for now this works.  The large tote holds my fabric that is thrifted or gifted that I use for donation quilts.

Don’t you love the wall decor?!?!  It is where I keep all the kids’ old art projects that were favorite of mine!  My youngest in 17 but I still keep some of the art work up.

I bought some old braided rugs on the same auction that I bought my Featherweight from.  After some great advice from readers I was able to get the smell out of them.  I keep them on the floor to keep my feet warm and to cover up the dated gold linoleum that I am not a fan of.

My last reorganization, had me tackling my quilting books and magazines.  I know I have LOTS.  Most are from an auction I went to or our thrift store that sells them super cheap.   To get them into a more contained space, I put them in the wooden crates we bought at yet another auction.

My remaining wall is where Mildred, my old Singer, hangs out.  She didn’t fit in this cabinet.  Hubby did some tweaking to make her fit.

I have two machines that I sew lots with…Mildred, and my Bernina.  My Bernina is out on the dining room table.  I have a project going on at both machines all the time.   Mildred is actually my favorite machine….another Goodwill find for $30.

The walls are a patched mis-mash.  The walls desperately need new sheet rock but that’s another one of those things I’ve learned to live with and take advantage of in this old rented farm houses.  I take pins and pin things to the wall that I have in progress that need a frame or something done to them.  I honestly can’t hurt these walls.

By no means is this any fancy or noteworthy place to sew…but I am VERY thankful for it.  All in all it’s close to the kitchen.  It is close to the family and it’s has helped me produce some projects that I am proud to call mine.

To me, it doesn’t matter so much where I sew.  It matters that I get to sew!!

Before you go, I have a quilt book giveaway going on here.


11 thoughts on “Studio Tour with Moda Bake Shop”

  1. Thank you, thank you, oh thank you for sharing your studio with us! I love the wall color and the kids art. Something heart warming about seeing that occasionally as you sew isn’t there? I find inspiration in your organizing system and hope to do something similar with my small “studio” when the gloomy days of winter set in. I like how you make do and are creative with what you have. I learned from you and Bonnie Hunter to set up two sewing areas and I can sew on the project I feel like tackling at the time or what works best with the family around, or not. Sometimes the studios in magazines seem too tidy to actually work in. I would like to see photos of the studio in magazines a week before or after the photo to see what it is really like!

  2. I think your space looks great. I really like your cabinets and that nice window I see in the corner of a couple of your pictures. I am guessing that most people do what you have done and find creative ways to make the space they have available work for them. My sewing table is an old computer desk and it works fine for me. Yes, I would love to have one of those fancy sewing tables that opens up but do I want to spend the money on it, no so I am happy with what I have.

  3. Thanks for the sewing room tour! A lot of us out here in blogland would be happy to have this nice little sewing area—-along with some of your talent! Thanks for “keeping it real”!

  4. Thanks for sharing your quilting space with us. I think it looks like a wonderful space to create and your organizational system sounds wonderful.

  5. I wish I had a room just for my sewing – you are very lucky Jo. The first picture, showing your “dented” bathroom cabinets has a beautiful quilt hung in the middle, please can you tell me where you got the pattern?

  6. It doens’t matter where you sew or what kind of machine you sew on as long as you enoy it and your projects turn out! My sewing room is similar in that the walls aren’t to great, but I also have the great windows, lots of shelving and storage. It is my little haven, I could spend days in there and only come out to eat!

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