Strings and More

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I had a great week sewing.  It’s the kind of week quilters hope for.  Here’s what I got done.

On my Double Wedding Ring quilt:
I am making mine bigger than the original pattern at an 11 x 11 setting vs the 10 x 10.  That means more blocks for me.  I cut the next set and started working on them.

All of the wedges are sewn togehter and many are already sewn to the melons!

At my Singer 15-91 I am working on Tulip Fields.

I got quite a bit done.

I have stopped to iron a couple times.  Now I have this big pile sewn again and I need some time at the iron.  I am hoping at nap time one day this week I can sneak in some ironing.

But the biggest news is this….(I feel a little like those ads that say, “But wait, there’s more!”)

There is more though.  My Pineapple Crazy quilt in on the quilting frame.  I’ve actually made two passes with the quilting machine too.

I am thrilled.  I am hoping to get some more time to work on it.  My goal is to show you a completed quilt by Friday but that’s going to take some work.  If life cooperates, I think I can do it.

Oh…if you missed Friday’s post, I finished a baby quilt too.  It’s not fancy and will be donated to charity.  You can find more about it here.

That’s what I have to share….lots for once.  I’m so happy I finally had a good productive week. Stop back on Friday to see if I got my quilt finished. I sure hope so!!

4 thoughts on “Strings and More”

  1. I got back into the groove this week, too! I quilted a Christmas quilt for a customer/friend, finished the blocks on my Irish Eyes quilt, and spent a bunch of time working on my scrappy log cabin style quilt (from Sunday Morning Quilts). I also spent 20 minutes looking for said book so I could find out how many blocks I’d need, and how big they should be. It’s still hiding, so I just kept on sewing.

  2. Its been a busy week, I took two classes and came home to sit and sew on each of them. I hope they are both done before the end of the month. Your project is coming along nicely and I look forward to seeing your pineapple crazy finished and shown to us.

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