String Quilt Challenge

I got a little sidetracked again…I’ll tell you more about that in tomorrow’s post.  It all started with this…. which is obviously NOT MY STRING QUILT PROJECT!!  But it was a good thing for me to be doing and I’m so happy I got sidetracked…but onto what I did do.

Then I felt guilty about not having my Block of the Month blocks done so even more distraction….I got the two 18″ blocks done but the 12″ ones weren’t cut out so I couldn’t do them.  Hopefully at nap one day this week I can tackle them.

Then blog writing got a roll…I finished up some loose ends around here….including catching up my book work….but not much string quilting happened.

After supper on Sunday night I said to Hubby I HAVE to do something for my string quilt project…so off I went to the upstairs and happily I accomplished this….

I need to smooth it out a little better before I start in.  I can’t decided if I want to do some specialty quilting or just get it done.  I’m leaning towards just getting it done.  UGH.  I always peter out when projects get this far.

I have a very busy week so I don’t know how far I’ll get on this but it’s progress and I’m taking it.

I’m hoping for some kind of progress next week. I am thinking about getting a backing together for my Pineapple Crazy quilt. That’s do-able…right??

4 thoughts on “String Quilt Challenge”

  1. I love your quilt! It is just beautiful! I know you didn’t ask but I think the Carolina Lily design quilt top is so beautiful on it’s own I would quilt it “just get it done” or whatever you termed it. Let the lovely lilies & your beautiful fabrics stand on their own rather than take away from them with fancy speciality quilting.

  2. The fabric and the design of the quilt will take the stage, the quilting will take a back seat. So doing a “get it done” is probably best.

    Just a quick question, on your blog, if I “x” out of an advertisement, do you get credit for it. Rather than me just ignoring the ads?
    I know you get credit if I click on the ad, right?

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