String Fling CONQUERED!!

Over the last 7 or so years I’ve been working to make EVERY SINGLE QUILT in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  With this week’s finish of Tulip Fields, I am officially FINISHED!  I did it can you believe EVERY QUILT IN THE BOOK!!

Someone asked if being I was finished if I would do a parade of my quilts from the book…  YOU BET I AM!!!  I’m pretty proud of the accomplishment.

You can find the book HERE.

Besides, I thought you might like to see a parade of quilts.  I know I did!!  (this is one of the many reasons I’m so glad I blog. I have the history right here)

Let the show begin….

First Up…Blue SkiesFind a full write up about the quilt here.

I adore blue and yellow together.  I have another blue and yellow quilt percolating in my mind.  I love the color combo that much.


This quilt taught me to put some variety in the strings.  You can see here how the yellows go from bright yellow to white.

I had thought to make this one bigger but Kelli made one and did make it bigger.  Then she had trouble with the outer border. After I knew that, I knew I’d make this one the same size as the book.

Charlotte’s Baskets is next.  (More about the quilt here)

This one went pretty fast for me.  I had just made Texas Tumbleweeds (shown in the picture below) in batiks (it’s a Bonnie Hunter quilt from More Adventures with Leaders and Enders)  I ended up with lots of bonus triangles.  All of them were used in Charlotte’s Baskets.
I made a 5 x 6 layout vs a 4 x 5 layout.  The sashing on mine is 2″ strips with 2″ cornerstones.  I didn’t piece the small cornerstones like the original.  I also opted to not add an inner border….so I guess you could say- I followed the block pattern and then made it my own.

I no longer have this one.  I donated for the raffle for our local Fireman’s Breakfast.

Daylilies  (More about the quilt HERE)

This quilt was a challenge for me.  I am not a girl that loves applique or inset seams.  My family bought me a treadle for my birthday last year and one of my goals was to learn to use it and to make a quilt with it.  Well I haven’t made an entire quilt with it but I did do ALL of the string blocks on the treadle and I have to say…I do love treadling.

This quilt helped me really expand my quilting abilities.  I’m so glad I stepped out of my box and gave it a try.  This one I have kept.  It might get gifted someday…not yet though.

Jamestown Landing (More about the quilt HERE)


When Bonnie Hunter said on her blog that one of her quilts would be in the Australian Homespun magazine I was really sad thinking I wouldn’t be able to find the magazine…Then I thought oh well.  Then Bonnie showed a picture of the quilt on her blog and I thought..I am going to find the magazine and the mad hunt was on.  I finally found and even though I had many other projects going on, I cut the fabric out and started working on it anyway.  I am so glad I did.   This quilt ended up landing in her String Fling book and by the book came out, I already had mine made.


I made this in 2011 and that was when we had our old beagle Gracie.

Blues are my favorite right up next to red so it’s no wonder I like this one.  This quilt taught me that it’s best to have some fabric from light to mediums when making string blocks.  Limiting the fabric options to only light neutrals doesn’t make the best looking string quilt.


This quilt I have kept.

Orka Bay (more about the quilt HERE)
I did this as a mystery.
I loved this as a mystery…one of my favorite ones.  The border had me really loving the quilt.


I had some UFO blocks and was doing a UFO challenge at the same time I was working on this.  I ended up putting the blocks on the back of the quilt.


I’ve kept this quilt and not gifted it….that means I like it!!  If I were to redo it, I’d have added some lighter blues in my strings.

Pfefferneuse  (Read more about the quilt HERE)

I knew I’d make this quilt the minute I opened the book!  My mother in law used to make Pfefferneuse cookies each Christmas.  I have made them a few times.

I loved the colors on this.
Pfeffernuse-1-1When I went to a garage sale and bought a large box of 80’s calico prints for $1 this quilt moved to the front burner.  The box was filled with browns and creams.  PERFECT for this quilt.  I added some of my own scraps and before I knew it…I had the perfect combination of scraps for this quilt.  The mix of fabrics from some modern to those old calicos is perfect.

I made this one the size that was suggested.  This one I still own and likely will not gift it.

Pineapple Crazy (Read about this one HERE)

This quilt was the most challenging quilt I have ever made.  Before this, I had done VERY LITTLE paper piecing.

For those of you who don’t know, the blocks finish at 5″.  There are 224 of them in the center and 60 on the outer edge.  That’s a lot of paper piecing.  Never in my life did I think I could do that.

I did a little bit of change ups on the corner and border blocks.  Nothing too big.

I like making a quilt “my own”.  This one will go to my daughter Kayla once I’m ready to part with it.

Roll Roll Cotton Boll  (read the original post here)
I did this as the mystery.  I wasn’t a string girl at all at the time.  I remember dreading when I heard the words string.  I almost gave up on the mystery right then.  I can’t tell you how happy I am that I moved on beyond that.  String honestly opened a whole new world for me.


Of all of the quilts, I would definitely make this one again.  Of all the quilts I’m made that are designed by Bonnie Hunter, this is my favorite.  I think the reason I love it so much was that this quilt sold me a scraps.  Before this quilt I did scraps…but this one showed me I loved scraps.


Mine was all Civil War fabrics and it looked good in those.  This quilt is a keeper.  I won’t gift it.

Santa Fe String Star (Oh I love this one!!) Read more about this one here.

When I first bought the book, this is the one I most wanted to make.  The stars are made from scraps and the background ended up being a blue batik.  I had the center part done for a long time but I couldn’t bring myself to decide on a color for the background.  I think this was perfect.


Flying geese are another of my favorite quilting elements.  So, for me, what’s not to love?  Stars, Flying Geese, blue.  Yep.  Love it.


One note on the pattern.  After getting the star sewn together, I tested the size of the background corner.  For me, I needed pieces that were larger than the pattern indicated.  A blog reader gave me the advice to cut the pieces bigger, sew them in place and then cut the center of the quilt down.  I did that.  I couldn’t cut it to the size the pattern suggested so I also added four more flying geese to each side of the border….and then added the outside border-making my quilt bigger.  I don’t think there was a pattern misprint.  I think those little diamonds have “give” to them and some stretched.

This quilt has stayed in my collection.  I don’t think I’ll part with it.  It is also one of a VERY few quilts I would ever considered making another of.

Talkin’ Turkey (Read more about it HERE)

talkin-turkey-23-1Mine is larger than the original pattern.  I added a row.  That makes it 6 x 6 setting vs 6 x 5 setting.  We have a queen sized bed and I knew this one I was keeping…larger was better.  I started this back when the block first appeared in Quiltmaker’s 100 block issue.  It languished in the UFO pile for quite awhile.  The reason:  The directions in the magazine were slightly different than the ones in the book.  I was nervous that what I had wouldn’t work..not true, it all worked out fine.


This one will be on my bed for Christmas and likely through Valentines day.  Seeing this again is making me get the itch to make a red and white quilt again!!!

Tulip Fields (read more about it HERE)

This was the last of the quilts to finish up.  It wasn’t last because I liked it the least.  It was last because I knew I wanted to tackle the harder quilts first.  For me the harder ones were Pineapple Crazy and Daylilies.

I’m so glad this one waited as I got braver and mixed batiks and regular fabric.  I know it’s not a big deal but I was a purist for a little bit.  Now I’m not.  I love this look.  I love the soft fall colors of this one.  I typically don’t branch out so far from the original quilts…this one I did by not adding the border that was originally designed.  I am so happy with how this one turned out.

Wild Thing (read more about it here)

Here is is on the frame.  Don’t you love the polka dot fabric on the back?  I sure do!

Here it is on my bed.  A blog reader, and friend, Linda gifted the outer fabric to me.  Oh I love that fabric.  Yes, it’s a Kaffee fabric.


When I made this I accidentally turned a bunch of blocks around so in the end I had 20 “wrong” blocks.  They are still in my UFO pile.  I haven’t decided what to do with them yet.  Maybe that should be my next project.


I have two childcare kiddos that go off to kindergarten next fall.  In the past I’ve gifted the kids a quilt when they go to Kindergarten.  I was thinking about using the other blocks, and making another of these quilts with those “wrong” blocks.  Hm…I might have to pull them out and get looking at that.

I love this quilt but I can’t keep them all!!

Speaking of gifting quilts to childcare kids…I made TWO Zuckerwaitte quilts.  (read more about them here)


I gifted these to my two oldest childcare kiddos.  They both had paged through the quilt book with me and both loved these.  I think it was because they were pink than anything else.  I also think the scalloped edge was appealing.


Both quilts were the same except for backing.


I wanted them to be able to tell them apart.  These were fun but a little tedious making two.  Thankfully the quilts are smaller in size.  I very much liked how they turned out.

It was so-so fun to gift the to the girls!!

That’s the parade of quilts.  I’ve heard it said that if a person buys a quilt book and makes three quilts from the book then buying the book was worth the cost as that would equal out to about as much as it costs to buy individual patterns.  I made 13 quilts from the book.  This book was definitely worth the price.

For the most part, I’m not a big believer in that saying though.  I take quilt books with me to bed.  I read them and page through them LOTS.  I take them with to a doctor appointment and dream about the quilts I’d rather be making at home.

I am thrilled that Bonnie Hunter is writing another string book.  THRILLED.  I can’t believe that at the start of the Roll Roll Cotton Boll mystery I didn’t know what a string was.  I had never sewn strings.  Now I’ve made 13 string quilts….This book got me to try so many different things:
-Scalloped Edges
-Inset seams
-A treadle sewing machine
-INTENSE paper piecing

I can’t believe how my skills have improved.  I can’t wait for the next challenges the new book brings.  I’m sure some will ask…”Hey Jo, are you going to make all of the quilts in the new book?”  Ah, I guess time will tell…Maybe that’s a topic for another blog post, how many quilts have I made from the other Bonnie Hunter books?  I think there is one book that I only have three quilts to make and I’ll have made all of them too.

Stop by tomorrow.  I’m reviewing Bonnie Hunter’s new string book, String Frenzy.  You might think I’m sick of strings…NOPE.  I’m totally up for another 12 string quilts….

40 thoughts on “String Fling CONQUERED!!”

  1. All of the quilts are beautiful! I like her String Fling book the best of her books but I haven’t seen String Frenzy yet. You set a really interesting challenge for yourself and you met it! Way to go! Have a good weekend whatever you do. Just keep on savoring the finishes!

  2. Congratulations on finishing every quilt in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book. That is an excellent accomplishment! I’ve enjoyed following your journey as you’ve made each quilt. You’re an inspiration to me and others as well.

  3. Wow!!! All the quilts turned out beautifully! You should be proud of yourself! What an accomplishment! I have never made more than 2-3 quilts from any book. Congratulations on meeting your goal!

  4. They look fabulous and inspiring! I too love roll, roll, cotton boll and would make it again. I too was not nuts for the idea of string peicing, then fell in love with it! FSuper impressed with this accomplishment!

  5. Congratulations on ALL the beautiful finishes for this challenge and how you made them your own way! It is not surprising that your skills have grown so in the process. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  6. You are so very industrious! Amazing! I am curious though, how many total quilts do you own? And how many have you made in your lifetime? I’d love to hear your stats. I’m sure they are staggering!

  7. Congratulations, Jo. All of your quilts are absolutely beautiful. I don’t have many scraps but because of you I am the proud owner of a String Fling Book that I can’t wait to peruse when baby takes a nap. In the future I am going to keep my eye out for scraps as most of my fabrics are too bright and light. Thanks for all you do for the blogging world.

  8. Love this post so much! I’ve seen your progress along the way but seeing them all together is really amazing! Congratulations on meeting your goal!! This is quite an accomplishment! I’ve yet to do any of Bonnie’s string quilts so I’m trying to decide which one to do first. Of course that will be after the various quilts of hers I’m working on completing. Your having finished all these quilts have given me more determination to get my quilts done!

  9. incredible – and I have enjoyed watching you finish each one. That has been the inspiration I needed for many of the quilts in that book. thanks for including us in the journey

  10. Beautiful quilts. Does Bonnie know you made all of them?
    Question? Why do the links to other blogs you follow not show up on your page every day? I use those to connect with other quilters as my cloud feedly doesn’t work any more.

  11. Stephani in N. TX

    Beautiful accomplishment, thank you for sharing. I have about 25 quilts I have made from another quilt designer’s books that I love dearly. So fun to look at them all. Have a friend who does quilt speaking presentations and one of the presentations is 26 of her “Bonnie” quilts. Owning lots of quilts and giving lots away is the benefit of seeing life as an opportunity to create while being industrious. It sure gives lots of pleasure as well. Enjoy your beautiful creations.

  12. All of the quilts are true beauties, Congratulations on making them all!! I loved reading threw your blog on each of them and how you addresses your own challenges with some of them. I just started my first string quilt and I may have to give it a whirl on my treadle, they really are wonderful blocks to make. Wonderful finish and you should be very happy and proud for making so many of BH quilts.

  13. I am so inspired by you. You show the power of not taking time for television and making the most of your moments! The quilts are inspiring and so are you!

  14. The quilts are beautiful . What a treat to read this post on this cold day in Minnesota ..all the COLOR.. Gosh you have a collection of gorgeous quilts..
    I have never done a mystery…maybe In have to get fabric and do one…I don’t have lots.of scrap. I love where yours is heading….

  15. Colleen Pflieger

    I love them all and so happy for you! People are amazed with what I do. Wait till I show/tell them what you do!! Just amazing

  16. Congratulations! What an amazing accomplishment. Your quilts are great. Thanks for sharing your quilting journey with is.

  17. All those quilts are beautiful. But the one that ‘knocks my socks off’ is the Santa Fe String Star. The background that you choose really makes the star and flying geese stand out. Congratulations on reaching your goal. And thank you for all the tips that you gave while making these quilts.

  18. How fun to see the parade of these beauties. There were a couple I had never seen before. As challenges go in life, making all the quilts in a single book is a fun one and look at all it taught you. Well done!

  19. Your quilts are beautiful, Jo! I’ve made several from that book…Orca Bay, Pfefferneuse, Jamestown Landing, Roll Roll Cotton Boll….and love them all. Roll Roll Cotton Boll is on my bed
    for Christmas and the rest of the Winter.

  20. Wow, that is such an intense goal! Congratulations on meeting it and making all these beautiful quilts and sharing them with us. I have a baby quilt book that I made three quilts from. Maybe four. I was thinking about making all the quilts in that book, but I got sidetracked with other quilts I wanted to make.

  21. Jo, your quilts are absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!
    I know how wonderful it was to have Karl home for the holidays. I have a son who is rarely home also so the visits are treasured.

  22. Your parade of quilts is wonderful, such an achievement! Do you launder your quilts before gifting them? And are these pictures before you wash them?

  23. Super proud of you, Jo. These are just beautiful. Your eye for color and your commitment to this challenge made me SMILE. Love the pics and love reading your blog. You live all of 4 miles from me, but I get to at least stop by this way and see all your creativity. Congrats and Merry Christmas to you and your entire family. Hugs.

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  25. Beautiful parade Jo! You did a heckuva job getting all of these done! I admit I was inspired by you and Maggie Fellows (over at Making A Lather) to try to get a few more of the Bonnie quilts I like made up. Who says you have to wait for mystery season to have some (or a lot!) of Quiltville fun?!?

  26. Great challenge you gave yourself, and congratulations on meeting your challenge. Love the quilts, the colors, the scraps and making them your own with some twists to the original pattern. Loved your parade of quilts. Thanks

  27. Wow. What an accomplishment. Thank you for showing your String Fling quilts. I made the Bonnie’s wave and bought her String Fling for Pineapple Crazy and the Texas Star, String Frenzy for who knows what and the Hunter Star. On the way I have discovered you and your blog, your fabric lines and your books. Plus you read!! What fun for me to learn about you and your small quilts. Do I have enough time for you both. Yes, yes. How exciting. I’m in heaven.

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  31. I have ‘String Frenzy’ and can’t decide which project to make first because I love scraps too. Thanks for sharing your memories of another book of quilts with your very own quilt show. Your quilts are always lovely!

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