String Challenge and What I’m Working On…

I have no childcare for the next week….so, I’m playing as much as I possibly can, that is in between driving to appointments in Lacrosse for the prep for my thyroid cancer recheck.

So what did I do…

I started sewing my churn dash blocks together only to discover that I cut about a quarter of the alternate blocks at 5″ rather than at 5 1/2″.  UGH!

So in between some other things I was doing in the kitchen, I started cutting new blocks.  I was a little sad at first and then decided to “get over it”.  At least the 5″ blocks are a size I can use later down the road.  They’ll be perfect in a charm square quilt pattern….in fact, I’ll likely cut more and plan a project with them.

What else I’m doing on my play days….THIS!!!

Remember that my family bought me a treadle sewing machine for my birthday?  (read about that here is you missed it)  Well I found a home for it in my living room but I hadn’t gotten it out to use it.  So I pulled it out, turned it around, turned on Netflix and gave it a whirl.

I decided that I am going to try to make all of the string blocks for my Daylilies quilt on it.  My blocks will be all batiks sewn on my Franklin treadle.

I ended up getting six done over the course of two episodes….that included setting up.  I need to get Hubby to help me figure out how to oil the underside carriage but other than that, I’m leaving her set up for the duration of my time off.  I’m hoping to get the string blocks done over that time period.

Treadling has been fun for me.  It’s a MUCH slower process.  If you checked out that video of me trying to make it run when I first got the machine it looked like I’d be terrible at it.  Practice truly does make it better.  I can start up like a pro now.  I know I’m not ready to sew a Bonnie Hunter quilt on it with tiny pieces but who knows…maybe someday I will.  In the meantime, I’m content sewing string blocks!!

See you back here next week!

14 thoughts on “String Challenge and What I’m Working On…”

  1. I’m in full steam ahead mode; this weekend is my guild’s quilt show! I only have one piece in the show, but I’m responsible for quilts from my sister and two friends. Btw, isn’t Daylillies a BH quilt? ;)

  2. That is a happy Jo picture at your treadle! Love it! It’s just like you to set up a week of difficult dr appts to be as fun as possible. The sewing will be great, and I’m sending prayers and a big hug that your exam results will be too.

  3. Jo I follow your comments and love how up lifting you are. Love how your doing string blocks. The basket never seems empty. Your exam will turn out just fine. Thanks for sharing all that you have in your life.

  4. I finished an afghan for a graduate for church, a book for review for work, and started cutting on shirt parts. I am using the Sugar Bowl block to finally get a quilt done for my MIL out of my FIL’s shirts. Throwing some of my husband’s and sons’ shirts in there as well. I have to get the top tension disk put back together on my treadle, then I want to figure that out as well.

  5. I’ll be on vacation later this week and I hope to get a couple of blocks done for the ‘Sampler UFO’ quilt and also start putting together the blocks for “Ariel’s Wedding Quilt”. I have all the pieced rails for that one done. I did them as scrappy leaders/enders instead of strip piecing. We’ll see how far I get.

  6. I learned to sew on my mom’s treadle when I was in Jr. High. I used to pump that thing so fast that my mom would say, “Slow Down! You’re going to tear Granny up!” So enjoy your new granny. Those old girls can get up and fly!!

  7. My husband was gone over the weekend, so I did alot of sewing. I am making one big quilt out of 2 years of Row by Rows. It will have 14 rows. I have all the rows done, just need to sew them together this week and finish some embellishing on them.

  8. I found string piecing the perfect project when I first got my treadle. I won’t say “have fun” because I can see from the pic that you are ! I was going to open mine up and string piece on it Saturday but wound up with the IN-LAWs visiting so all fabric got banished from the dining room. Strings do tend to be messy ( at least mine)

  9. Praying for a great outcome on your tests, Jo! Reading your blogs truly make my day. I love watching all the beautiful quilts you make. I wish I could get things done that fast!

  10. I remember my great grandmother’s treadle machine. She did all kinds of sewing and needlework, knitting and crocheting, and made quite a business from her dolls and stuffed animals. Not to mention the clothing and home goods for her family, and various decoupage projects and the construction of stone castles in the yard. The woman lived with no electricity or toilet plumbing. I loved her fiercely! Sadly, my grandmother inexpicably gave the machine away after great grandma passed. My mom was heartbroken as it was supposed to be hers. I can only hope someone has it who loves it like you all love yours. Sorry so wordy. Memories do that. Oh! Got one more quilt of the 17 done!!!!

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