String Challenge and What Else I’m Doing….

Oh my.  I’ve hardly sewn a stitch all week.  I think two different mornings I was able to get to the machine.  I don’t think this week sounds a lot more promising.  I added two new childcare kiddos to the group last month and it’s been just a bit more that I don’t get afternoon nap time like I used to.  It’s okay and I don’t mind….plus I am still on a cleaning mode.  Saturday night at 9:20pm I told Hubby enough was enough and I was going to the basement to clean out the freezers.  We have two chest freezers and he thought I had completely lost it.  Typically at that time of night the only thing I do is go up and sew for a half hour or so….but not Saturday night.  I wanted those freezers cleaned.  Happily he rolled his eyes, kept his mouth shut and came and helped.  He didn’t have to…but I’m thankful he did.  Oh, I’m so glad that’s done!!

But onto sewing….

When I did sew, I played with this…

You might remember a blog reader sent this….There were about four pieces like this…

I ended up cutting them up into blocks….all are 6″.

Then I figured out how many I needed and how many I had.  I didn’t have enough.  So…I sewed the leftovers together.

I ended up getting enough…I paired it with plain alternate blocks.  I have a really closely colored batik.  At a distance, I can’t tell the difference but up close I can.

Plans are to add a small narrow border and be done.  It will be a charity quilt.  I’ll add some brightly colored binding.

I also finished up my churn dash blocks and sewed a very, very few of them together.

…and on the string quilt front, absolutely NOT a THING happened.  I’m hoping you all can inspire me with your progress!!

This next week is another busy week ahead. Who knows if I’ll bet back to the string quilt. Fingers crossed I make a little progress!!

7 thoughts on “String Challenge and What Else I’m Doing….”

  1. Betty from Canada

    It is a good thing that you cleaned those freezers when the urge struck because if you didn’t do it then it would be on your mind all night. I had the same problem with a quilt block that I couldn’t get together right. I went to bed and kept thinking about it. I then got up went into my sewing room and put it together right the way it should have went together in the beginning.

  2. Great charity quilt! So clever that you made additional blocks to complete an entire quilt! Love the bright happy colors!

  3. Jackie Goosen

    I had a wonderful sewing weekend! I finished the top and back of my daughter’s quilt, started/finished the top of a baby quilt for my future great-nephew and rough cut the backing for that quilt. One evening I will sandwich these quilts then get them quilted. We have a wedding in KS coming toward the end of the month, so I spend Sunday evening making coordinating pillow covers for all of the quilts I have made the past two years for my great nieces and nephews. I have four done. After I spend the morning applying for teaching positions (which is a crazy long process) I will do a few more pillow covers and pull fabric for the rest that I need to do.

  4. Our quilt guild had Bonnie Hunter come and teach Bricks n Barnyard in 2016 and I finally finished my twin size quilt. Its all scraps and I love the piece that Bonnie gave me to use, hedgehogs! lol but it fits in fine. I made it for my moms bed and she is happily using it now. Your husband is a gem to help clean out freezers, that is always a tough project.

  5. When the cleaning bug hits, roll with it! I got a backing done and another grad gift quilted. Have another one loaded, so I am headed to the basement to keep progress rolling forward. I am also going to make some time for some piecing, as I miss it.

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