String Challenge and More!

With my mystery quilt finished I have been busy sewing some things of my own.  Yahoo!!  I like doing the mystery but by the time I get to the end, I start to think of it more as a chore.  UGH.  At the beginning I’m excited to carve out some me time and sew away.  By the end I’m thinking enough already I want to be sewing on something else.  That’s my nature and why I work on several projects at once.  I never get bored.

So I’m been putting LOTS of my time into the blocks I showed you last week.

scrap-3This is totally a scrap buster!  I’ve been sewing through lots of scrap.  It’s been so fun as many of the scraps are ones that were gifted to me by blog readers.  I know I have never made anything with some of these fun fabrics…no Halloween scraps…

…no veggies…. None of these polka dots…. monsters, kitties or Halloween prints. These scraps is exactly what’s making this quilt fun.

There are tons of scraps in here that I know had to be gifted to me.  I rarely sew with black….and I am typically not a novelty print buyer.

I have LOTS of units paired, sewn and cut….no more blocks though.  Once I get all the units made I think these blocks will go together fast.

I have a few more three units to make in black.

The neutrals and oranges are all done.I ended up with some left over pieces that were to small for this quilt but they were big enough to get a 1 1/2″ twosies unit from. I don’t have plans for them yet but I couldn’t let them go to waste.  It’s part of the never ending cycle of scraps “breeding” and making more scraps.  I don’t mind.  They will be fun to play with.I’m hoping by next week to have a stack of blocks finished.

As for my scrap challenge….it was another slow week.  I’ve been working pretty hard on the scrappy quilt so the challenge has been slow.  Here’s what I was up to with that….I got the white outer part sewn on 25 more of my Pineapple Crazy blocks.  They are all trimmed now and I am up to having 37 of the outer blocks done.  I need 60 so I need to keep plugging away on it.

I am still working on challenging myself to making the last four quilts I haven’t made yet from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book before her new book comes out.

Find me here next week with more String Challenge fun.

6 thoughts on “String Challenge and More!”

  1. I love this more every time I see it. Pretty sure when this pattern comes out I will be making it! I”ve been doing Bonnie’s string spider web blocks as leaders and enders while I do my mystery quilt. So much fun!

  2. I am still plugging away on finishing the MQ- had to stop and work on our quilt guild’s challenge quilt for the next Quiltconn- binding and sleeve. I think I have 1 more block to sew together before starting the layout- then off to other stuff! Mary ANn

  3. Keeping up with my scrap management goal, quilted several student quilts over the weekend and got the bindings sewn on. Two more of those to quilt. Start with two new groups of kids tomorrow to teach them how to make a quilt.
    On my own stuff, I got a Jimmy John (free pattern from YOU!) quilt cut out of green batik scraps and got some strip sets sewn while working on the bindings. I have one side left to tack on a baby quilt, and two more baby quilts waiting to tack binding. Forward progress! I am saving triangles as ‘quilt seeds’ for Pineapple Crazy.

  4. I found your blog when I was researching Pineapple Crazy last week. Very timely. I have printed my templates onto tracing paper and completed 2 blocks. Who knows, you might even inspire me to write a blog post. Thanks for your suggestions, I have my triangles sorted and in bowls.

    Just FYI, the link to Debbie H’s blog above doesn’t work.

  5. Oh my goodness, Jo! You’ve been busy! I rarely use black in my quilts but I love all the black conversation prints that you are using so think I need to try some, also!

  6. BH “on Ringo Lake” is slowly getting there. I am making a half size throw. All the nine patches are done. Flying Geese are about half done. Shaded 4 patch units are half done.

    Slow but steady, right?

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