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I touched a sewing machine this week.  I really happened!  I had made a goal that I wouldn’t touch a machine until I got through the ENTIRE sewing room….and I haven’t gotten through the whole thing so…I hadn’t touched machine.  But then I decided although a good idea in practice to stick to the goal of getting the sewing room entirely gone through, it’s not a good practice for my sanity.

So I worked more on my Churn Dash Shirt quilt.

It’s bigger now.  I’m starting to think of border ideas…or maybe no borders.  Thoughts?

Ruby’s thought was that this is a finished quilt and she MUST pose on it!!

I’ve had questions again on how to make the blocks.  Here is the link to the instructions.  I am adding the link to the right side bar where we have free patterns.  We’ll keep it there in case you are ever looking for it, you can easily find it.

I have a small amount of progress on my string blocks for my Daylilies quilt.  Check it out.

I ripped papers from the blocks that were finished.

I squared them up and cut on the diagonal to get all the setting blocks.

Then I fired up the treadle and made nine more blocks.  Not a lot but PROGRESS!  ..but progress.  I need 48 blocks total…that’s do-able.  I’m so happy as one of my 2018 goals was to sew a quilt on the treadle.  I’m likely not going to do a whole quilt yet but I am determined that the string blocks for this quilt will be done on the treadle.

I am super happy to report that every time I get the treadle out and sew, it gets easier and easier.  The bobbin winding still takes some thinking but I am doing so much better.

Find me back here next week. I’m hoping for a little more progress…just a little is fine.

12 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. My vote—(which really doesn’t count–it’s your quilt do what makes you happy & satisfied)—is a thin inner border of one of the colors in the blocks (pick your favorite in this case) and then a piano key border of all of the left over scraps from the quilt top. I absolutely love this finish to my scrappy tops :-) But like I said, your quilt, your choice :-)

  2. You know Jo that was pretty severe & rather one sided to decide you couldn’t tough a sewing machine until you finished your sewing room. I’m glad for you & think it was the right thing to do to balance it out and for your well being to sew!!

  3. Love that churn dash quilt! Yes, add a border. Since March I have been piecing exclusively on my Pfaff 30 treadle. Wow, it’s fun! I did all the string blocks for Roll Roll Cotton Boll 1″ too small!!! Hope Bonnie’s new book has that size needed.

  4. Your churn dash quilt is coming along and I really like the idea of something scrappy for the border, looking forward to seeing what you decide. Ruby is sitting so pretty.

  5. When you buy shirts for quilts do you buy cotton, flannel or both? I can’t believe you find so many gorgeous plaids. Love the new quilt.

    1. Only 100% cotton. I only do regular cotton…no flannel but brushed cotton I use. Kelli does use flannel. For me, flannel shifts too much. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong, just personal preference.

  6. Love the progress you made on your quilts. As far as the churn dash goes, I really like no borders on my scrappy quilts or a wide border with an appliqued vine or bunting. I think that the churn dash would call for a flowering leafy vine with a few butterflies or birds that maybe creeps over into the top in a few places. Then of course it would need either a flower pot, hillock, or house to grow from.
    So glad I chose to look at your post today, it’s got me itching to stitching but I have some weeds that are calling my name too.

  7. Since readers are weighing in on borders/no borders I’ll cast my vote for no borders. This reminds me of the “utility quilts” one sees because of all the shirts. I feel as if leaving off the borders fits better with that non fancy look. I love this quilt!

  8. I love that churn dash with plaid shirting fabric. I think a solid 1 1/2″ or 2″ border would keep it very simple looking. It will be so nice!

  9. I think Ruby’s thought is more like – “Look more fabric on the floor – if I stand on it I get a treat” – Good Job Ruby1

  10. Good for you for playing with your treadle. I love mine, I used it exclusively for about 18 or 19 yrs, then we started buying old electric’s. But, I still love my treadle… and now that I have a new uptake lever for it ordered… I’ll be able to play with it some more :)

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