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So remember I told you that Kelli was obsessed with shirts right now.  Dang it.  It rubbed off on me.  I was helping her look for possible shirt ideas and then…it happened.  At least I don’t have TONS of shirts to cut down but I’m not guarenteeing that won’t happen yet.  You know how it goes.  I find one shirt that’s a great color and then suddenly I have a cart full!!

In all of that I came across a website Floating on a Cloud….and this quilt. Photo Courtesy of the site.  Link here.

I studied and studied and studied that picture.  I want to make this quilt!!!  I want to make it so bad that this happened.

Aren’t they precious?  I’m in love.  I want more and more and more of these under my needle!!  As I’m writing this and looking at the picture again, I need to pull more reds!

That’s all it took to pull me into a shirt project again.  I admit…I love them.

Onto my String Challenge:
I said last week that my goal was to get this whole Pineapple Crazy top together.  I got the borders sewn together and the side borders attached but then…ugh.  I forgot about the corner blocks.
(don’t you love my “keeping in real” messy picture of my sewing room floor?)
Well…what to do? I have changed my version of this quilt up a bit.  Here’s a picture of the original.
Bonnie Hunter creator of the quilt had red triangles around the tips of her border blocks.  I opted not to.  She also made a red block for the corner blocks.  I think being I opted on the red in the triangles of the border blocks, I’m opting out of the red corner blocks.

I ended up opting for a string block.
Here’s it all together as a top!  I’m happy with it and also happy with the changes.  My goal is not to let this sit.  In a month from now, I’m hoping to have it quilted and bound.  Ah…that will be a HUGE check off my bucket list!!

Ruby was happy to see it get this far…that meant a photo opportunity for her…I pay her in dog treats you know…that’s her real motivation.
This is my third paper piecing project I ever finished.  The first was a tulip wall hanging….nothing difficult.  The second was my Bonnie Hunter Crab Apples quilt…that doesn’t really even classify…the third was this!  Wowza.

For those of you following along you know that I’m trying to make ALL of the quilts in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling. With the finish of this top, that leaves me with two quilts left to finish….It’s time to pull one of them and work on it more seriously. WOW, I’m starting to think I can do this!!

Stop back next week and see which project I pulled.

24 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. Beautiful quilt! I like the corner strip block better than the pattern original block. Just has a calming effect from the pieces busyness. I hope you keep this quilt for yourself, you’ve put too much work into it to give away.

  2. What an accomplishment! Congratulations on completing this monster. The pieces are so tiny, the top alone must weigh a ton! What size did it end up? It looks a bit narrow to go on your bed.

  3. I’ve been working with homespuns. Those little monkey wrenches set with plain squares are wonderful! Thanks for discovering that design from 2013! And your pineapples are indeed a splendid crop.

  4. Your Pineapple Crazy looks fabulous!. It does not look like something your hubby would like (like the shirt one) but it would sure have to be for someone special to gift.

  5. Love your pineapple quilt top! Congrats on getting it finished! That plaid quilt is really nice too I think it would be perfect for a man!

  6. I keep saving triangles, thinking I will start Pineapple Crazy one of these days. . . today is a holiday for me, so I am off to the sewing room.

  7. I love your pineapple quilt! I’ve never paper pieced… by machine, but would love to give it a try. I’ve been chugging away on my goals this year. I’ve finished 4 quilts from my list, and basted 4 more yesterday. In the evenings, I’ve been making progress on one of my 2 English Paper Pieced works in progress. i have a few more large stars to complete, then many to put together. I’m beginning to wonder if I should size it down so it’s more portable, and usable as a throw… because really , does every quilt need to be queen sized?

  8. It’s amazing! I started the pineapple block in my embroidery machine and it’s kind of like paper piecing. You are inspiring me to get back to it but sadly my embroidery machine is sick right now and there’s no way I’m traveling today because we are in the midst of an ice Storm!!!

  9. I’m still in the thinking stage of this one! Not sure I want to commit yet. I like to paper piece, and I do have a lot of scraps, but WOW! That quilt is a lot of work.

  10. Jo, I love how your pineapple quilt turned out with the more neutral borders. Beautiful accent! Not into paper piecing, looks like a lot of work. Will have to go to that website for the shirt quilt. With all the shirts I have, that would go great as a guy’s quilt.

  11. just now getting back into quilting after 30 yrs.. where can i get basic patterns like the pineapple? and what exactly if paper piecing

  12. Your pineapple quilt is awesome. Seeing that I’ve never paper pieced, I don’t think that I’ll be putting this quilt on my to-do list. And then you share the shirt quilt. I might be putting that on my list. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on pineapple quilt, it’s beautiful.

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