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This week I was on FULL STEAM AHEAD mode.  Often I’m flitting between a project or two or SEVEN but this week I was MUCH more focused than normal.  It’s amazing how much can get done when I am.

For those of you who missed it, I did finish Scotty’s quilt.  Read about that HERE if you missed it.

After that was done I concentrated on my Tulips Fields quilt.

When I last left you, I was here…
I needed 400 string triangles and had 114 done.

Every time I sewed, I worked on these strings blocks all week long.  I got to the point that is was getting hard to pull and find what I needed so one night I pulled the big bag of scraps that a blog reader had sent me and started sorting through them.  I am doing “fall” colors…so wide pieces went in one stack, narrow in another…then short pieces that weren’t long went in another and shorter pieces yet in another.  I also cut a large stack of triangles.  I love using triangles on the corners.

This really sped up the process once I got back to the machine.

Nights and early mornings I would sew….Nap time would come around and I’d trim.

Friday morning, this was my tally.  I had 418!!  PLENTY!!

Friday was a no school day and I had a full house.  These two (who are normally at school) asked me if they could help me quilt.  This means do any quilting related job that doesn’t involve a sewing machine.  It was perfect timing.  I had ALL of these that needed depapering.

They jumped right in and pulled and pulled papers.  They love doing this.  It was fun listening to them negotiate space.  This couldn’t go there as one couldn’t reach..then that couldn’t go there because another couldn’t reach.  They finally came up with an assembly line they both could live with.  They are so precious.

When they were done…I have this.  It wasn’t in nice neat little piles like I would have done but I don’t care at all.  They had fun!  I have fun chatting with them.  I think the world is missing out on manual tasks that involve lots of talking.

Saturday morning before my adventure (read about that tomorrow) I was up super early.  I wanted to see what a block was going to look like.  I started attaching these…..

To my triangles to make the small units.  The small units came together to make these….

I LOVE the block.  They are small too.  Super cute.  I’ve got the hard part of this quilt done…now is the fun part watching these little blocks come together.  I am THRILLED with them.

For those of you following along with me, the quilt I am making is Tulip Fields.  It’s the last quilt I need to make from Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  At the completion of this quilt, I will have made every quilt in the book.  I am so glad this last quilt is turning out to be a fun one!!

I can’t wait to see what I have done for next week!! This quilt is starting to move on more quickly.  Dare I hope to have the blocks finished??

8 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. Great idea getting them to help and having to work it out together, wish I could have them help me de paper a few blocks. I look forward to seeing the last quilt done from the book, WOW!! they have all been stunning to see and I have enjoyed following along.

  2. Love your fabric choices. You are inspiring me to pick a Bonnie quilt book and get going. lol. The little ones are precious. Kids love to have little chores to do .

  3. SusanfromKentucky

    That’s going to be another beautiful quilt and I’m loving the colors. The girls are such cute little helpers!

  4. Center of Rick Rack 9s is together-need to get to the long arm machine next. What a fabulous goal to have set and soon achieve! Kudos!

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