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If you’re a bible reader you likely have heared the verse, “To everything there is a time an season.”  Well this is my quilting season.  Hubby is gone so much of the time.  He leaves at 5am and is home about 9:30pm.  There’s not much time for me to see him.  So what do I do?  QUILT.

I was busy…I finished up my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  Find that post here if you missed it.

I am so happy to have the quilt finished.  It’s been WAITING and WAITING to be finished.

That leaves me with only one more quilt to finish from Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book..and that’s Tulip Fields.  Then they will all have been made.  Someone asked me to do a blog post about all the quilts.  I will once I’m finished.

I did quite a bit on Tulip Fields over the last week.  I have lots sewn.  I need some ironing time now.

I started in on a few string blocks even.  I think this will go together nicely.  I can’t wait to have it finished.

I’ve also been squeezing in time here and there to work on the Double Wedding Ring quilt.  I had told you I needed to go back and make more “blocks” before I could sew anymore rows together.  I have a stack of melons completed but was to lazy to go upstairs and take a picture of it.  Instead you are getting the picture of the melons I’ve yet to complete.

They have a good start though and I’m happy about that.

Our friend Carla stopped by this week.  She brought a quilt top that we had sent to her for quilting.  We’re hoping to submit it and have it published but we’ll see.  We never really know what they want and what they don’t.

Want to see a sneak peek of the quilt??  Here it is….Bahahaha!  It’s only the backing.

Sorry to get your hopes up.  Trimming needs to happen and thread clipping.  I can tell you this….Carla did a great job.  If you are looking for a long armer, Carla is your girl.  You can find her on Facebook HERE.  She did show a couple peeks of our quilt on her Facebook page.

I pulled out my Bricks in the Barnyard quilt top.  I believe that will be a wedding present for a November wedding so I want to get that on the frame.  A backing is needed for that so digging in my backing pile is next.  I’ve been on a roll completing a quilt every week.  I’m hoping I can keep up with that for a bit.  I know I’d feel caught up if I could!!

I have more quilty news I’ll share tomorrow.  Kelli came for a sewing day and we had lots of fun.

**Oh…don’t forget the auction!  Find that post HERE.**

6 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. I read your blog daily, but I usually refrain from leaving a comment. Mostly because I figure that if I don’t have something different to say, maybe I should just not say anything. But, I did want to let you know that you will be in my prayers. A person can’t hear that too often, I think. You are an inspiration in many ways, Jo, like a little jolt of cheer every day.

  2. I can’t wait to see it! We were on vacation and bought some quilting magazines and was happy to see your Christmas quilt! Congratulations!,

  3. I know I commented yesterday, but I just have to say again how much I love this pineapple quilt! I didn’t go back to your post from yesterday, but I didn’t notice the red binding until today….it is the perfect choice!! This quilt is just amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!!
    Looking forward to seeing the next quilt all finished, Jo. You really crank these quilts out and I don’t know how you get so much done….you are truly an inspiration!!
    I am primarily a hand piecer and hand quilter, so my list of completed quilts grows at a slow pace… Right now I am working on Carolina Chain from Bonnie’s “Addicted to Scraps” book. I am having a lot of fun making it, and hope to have the top finished by the end of the year. That is my goal, anyway.
    At this point I am ahead of schedule, so I think I can do it…then I can quilt it over the winter….
    Thanks again, Jo, for sharing your quilt with us!!

  4. Help! This morning I started reading your email, In My Mail, about the two boxes that came, one with the flannel baby blankets in green and yellow. When I clicked on the “read more of this post” bit, it couldn’t find your blog! Yesterday’s worked (Stash Report) and one later this morning (Baptist Fans) worked. However, they were dated Oct 22, and the missing one was dated Oct 17. I went back through the older posts, and it doesn’t appear. Now I’m wondering what the cyber-gremlins have done with the post, and what was in the second box!!
    I also get your posts emailed twice: each separate, then both of them together later in the day – am I subscribed twice? I love reading them anyway. I’m in Australia, so our seasons are opposite, and I was a teacher, so all your news is close to my heart and interests. In retirement I’m in 3 quilting groups, so three lots of charity/donation/gifting quilts, and a house overrun by donations, and not enough hours in the day.

  5. I have a question – I’m really curious – why do you send quilts to a longarmer when you have your own longarm?

  6. How am I doing! I wish I could say really good. Maybe I set my expectations too high. I need to get about 25 more lap robes done before December. I am short on baby care kits – but the shoe boxes for kids are nearly complete with over 100 done. 100 was my goal so one for three, well, I guess that is a good baseball batting average. But this is not baseball so I must get at it. Thanks for the up lift. I need it.

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