String Challenge and More

I’ve been missing my sewing machine.  There has been so much to do around here and catch up on that I haven’t touched it in ages.

I got Hubby’s pants patched but that doesn’t count as sewing…right??

Thankfully it was only one pair.

I had a blog reader say that she was so happy that I had “stopped cleaning and reorganizing”.   Remember that kick I was in about Aprilish time.  The reader had been trying to keep up with me cleaning as I was cleaning and organizing.

Well I really never got out of the kick.  I got side tracked and couldn’t but now I am back at again.  I can’t wait to show you all the things I’ve been up to.  That’s the main thing that’s been keeping me from sewing but it is oh-so worth it.

Absolutely no string quilting was done.  To do that I have to pull out the treadle and I’ve not had a big amount of time to commit to it.  So it’s not really worth it to pull it all out if I can’t work on it for a couple hours.

I did get a little quilting related stuff done.  I have been working on getting Bricks in the Barnyard sewn together as a top.  Well I realized once the top is finished I need to do the border.  Well I didn’t have the borders cut out so…I decided to try to cut it out over nap time.  My childcare kiddos are now independent enough that I can do something like cut out a quilt while they are napping.  AH…I’ve been waiting for the babies to get old enough to sleep all the way through nap time.

I cut and cut as quick as I could over nap time but one little one was up early so she could go potty and then it was close enough to wake up time that I let her stay up with me.  She’s the sweetest little girl.  She took the piles of cut pieces moving them from here to there.  It was precious.  She loved it.  I was happy to get to spend some one on one time with me.

After her “help” my pieces were a little wrinkled but that’s okay.   They are all cut out….one more step closer.

Find me here next week. I’m hoping a little string challenge stuff happens.

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  1. You are making progress on your quilt. I look forward to seeing it done. I finished a QofV this past week end that has been partially finished for 6 months. Glad to have it ready for the top quilter.

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