String Challenge and More

I was so busy getting ready for the big Market at the White Barns sale that I didn’t get much sewing done…well to be honest, this is as close as I got…

I pinned a patch in place in Hubby’s jeans.  That’s it.  No other sewing.

…and this is a picture of what I got done this week in the string challenge department.

If you only see a big box on your computer worries.  There is nothing at all wrong with your computer.  There is nothing wrong with the picture.  Seriously, I got nothing done!  There was nothing to take a picture of.

Oh well…. The good news is that I have a whole week ahead of me and maybe I can squeeze in a little sewing time.  I’m not super hopeful as my vegetable garden needs help (as in it’s not planted).  My flower gardens need weeding.  The garage needs cleaning up and reorganization (more on that another time)…there are things galore waiting for me….and I’m actually really good with that.  I LOVE not feeling bored!!  I spent all of Sunday scrambling around and trying to get a few things done….a little in the garden…a little in the garage…a little in the house, just no sewing.

This is definitely catch up week.  I’m so happy to be a little bit free of prepping for the market and back to the catch up of life.  Typically Hubby helps a little more with the spring clean up and such but this year the rains and weather was not conducive to planting on time.  They got done planting on Saturday morning…this next week they are right into the hay harvest.  No rest for the weary….so goes a farmer’s life…and life of the wife.  We’re all good…just burning the candle at both ends.  I’ll tell you more about all of that later in the week….

See you back here with a string challenge next week.

4 thoughts on “String Challenge and More”

  1. You get too much rain but we were so happy to receive 8 tenths on Friday night-Saturday morning! We are on the other end of the state close to Sioux Falls, SD. I love reading your blog as I love being a farmers wife, quilt, cook, have grandkids to come and hang out with. I totally get why you need a sandbox. Our son built one with 12 ft boards so it’s 12×12! Awesome! I asked him if he had always wished for a huge sandbox when he was little . Yes, it’s a busy, but wonderful time of the year! Enjoy!

  2. The quilting will wait it sounds like you have other items that need attention. I managed to clean my quilting space but no stitching got done. We cleaned and trimmed the flower beds and also cleaned the gutters after they removed a large tree hanging over our home. Maybe some stitching this week, lots of binding projects here.

  3. My favorite thing to do! I got to watch my youngest grand daughter during the week & yesterday late into the night! She is such a joy! Perhaps some quilting this week unless I have more important things to do with family/grandchildren!

  4. We finally got 1.16″ on Friday night/early Saturday morning! We really really needed it! Got done planting the day before Memorial day. Now on to more spraying corn. We no longer put up alfalfa hay – got our lives back! Finally got three tomato plants in this evening! Will clear another spot and plant a couple of cherry tomatoes tomorrow evening. Beautiful evening now – will have low 90’s temps tomorrow. No stitching today/this evening. Need to get a backing prepped for the latest project. HUGS… and stitches

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