String Challenge

Well at retreat I got my Daylilies quilt top together and I haven’t touched a string since.  UGH.  I need to get back in the swing even if it’s only to give the top a good pressing and find a backing.

This time of year I am swamped with stuff…summer winding down, school starting….Hubby is finally not working so many hours so we take a come time away.  Then that just leaves me more behind.  It’s a happy changing season type of busy, canning and freezing and getting the most out of what summer has left for us.  School here starts on the 23rd so it will be a big shuffle.  More kids going to school-teacher kids coming back-other kids coming back.  It will so good to be back into a routine!!

With all this…sewing kind of goes by the wayside.

I did get something done though…..  You might remember at retreat that I got this together…well I got this much together.

As is, it is 85″ x 85″.  The blocks finish at 5″ so I can add more to this.  I think it will be a bed quilt that I keep so that means I want it to cover a queen sized bed as all of our beds are queens.   My quilt machine will take something 100 x 100 so, the plan is to get it as close to 100 x 100 as I can.  That means another row on all four sides…so that means cutting.

Well if you remember I was sick on Wednesday.  I laid around in the living room doing nothing but watch TV.  Then about noonish I finally felt like I could start sitting up so I drug the box of shirts into the living room and started processing them.  I cut off a back and a sleeve (or front) and kept those.  The back is for my stash.  The front or sleeve is for my churn dash quilt.  The rest of the shirt I put in a pile and will sell them on the next auction here on the blog.

I used my wool mat for pressing.  I love it all over again.  I ended up throwing away my table top ironing board and am only keeping this.  I can toss it on the counter or the island and press away.  It’s a better height and doesn’t wobble.  No buyers remorse on this product!!

The I started cutting.  I got them all cut so next up is to try to find some time to sew these guys.  I’d love to get this to completion.  It’s been so long since I’ve had a finish I can show off and keep.

We have lots going on around here so I don’t expect a lot of sewing to get done…we’ll see.  Right now salsa making and peach preserving is on the top of the list.

9 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. I pickled on Saturday. Thankfully, hubby helped me rinse them outside. Lime pickles are yummy. I even smelled like a pickle. . But, while they were simmering, I was able to cut out an easy peasy quilt top and sew a bit. Hubby went to the car show with his 70 chevelle, ours since it was born, and got 2nd place! Woohoo!

  2. I know what you mean, summer’s bounty takes away from sewing time. Trying to get into some kind of routine so I can get some things over the finish line and start something new. I’m getting that ”start something new'” itch! You inspire me with all you accomplish.

  3. I got my tumbling blocks sewn into a top yesterday and then turned to Rick rack 9s to get the borders sewn on – hopefully sometime this week. It will be nice to have 2 ‘near finishes’ turned into completed tops. But I have a mammogram scheduled for today plus we will make a stop to donate blood, we have garden produce to process, and 2 of the days will be filled with 5 of the grands. Sewing will be on the back burner…

  4. I got my little swap mini (mug rug) into the mail on Saturday, so it’s back to “It was the 80s” as my focus. Just a half dozen blocks and the sashings and fill in areas left to do. Plus a pieced back

    I am really trying to get this one to the quilters and back in time to finish it this year.

  5. I finished my Turning Twenty quilt that I need in October at a retreat. I don’t know if I will have it quilted by then but I only need the top put together to enter it in a challenge for a retreat I’m going on. I haven’t decided if I will add any borders to it. Glad its ready to travel.

  6. You have that wool mat on top of your cutting mat and it doesn’t warp your cutting mat? Wow, I’ve got to get one of those. If it is just felted wool do you think someone can make their own? I found a large piece of grey wool (a couple yards) at the thrift store, nice and thick, it had a little tag on it saying it was from the US Navy. You know what, I’m going to make one. I’ll tell how it turned out.

  7. I purchased a wool pressing mat to keep in the RV–no more messing with the table top ironing board! You can’t tell from the photo, but it is not just a piece of felted wool. It is maybe 1/2″ thick. The wool mat stores and is ready to use so much more easily than the ironing board.

    I have some plaids that have lingered long enough. I think a similar quilt is in the works for fall.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer, Jo.

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