String Challenge

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Not much happened for me in the string challenge way.  Not much at all.

Kelli came to sew one day….as typical, she was goofing off.  She was working on pink scrap vortex quilt….I was working on this and that.  She was stuck and couldn’t figure out how to get things trimmed.  I offered to trim her blocks.  I LOVE sizing and trimming blocks.  She said, “what can I do then?”  I gave her my triangle pieces of Tulip Fields to iron…..

Supposedly, she likes to iron….but then Carver came…and then she looked at her phone…and then, and then, and then.  AND THEN…I had her blocks finished.  She had mine…

Started.  UGH.  Oh well.  I’m not keep track….just keeping you informed.  NEVER bargain with Kelli if you expect things to get done.

Besides that…my string stuff didn’t get touched.

I did do this….My childcare kiddo who loves to sew, advanced up to a new job.

Nap time was over quicker than I  had anticipated.  I have just started me time and was ironing my half square triangles for my Block of the Month.  She came out and asked if she could sew.  I ended up teaching her how to clip the pieces apart, remove the dog ears and put the pieces in piles with the triangles all oriented the right way.  She loved it.

My fruit order also came in so I froze two crates of blueberries….

…and I’m still working on a crate of cherries.  Oh pitting them takes for forever!!  So far I have enough done for eight pies this year.  I know someone will ask…My cherry pitter is this found on Amazon.  Cheaper than the $15.99 I paid.

I’m hoping that I can finish them tonight….

See here next week!!

9 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. It has been so long since I pitted cherries. Oh, the mess! This tool looks much better than mine was then, almost tempts me to try again. I love cherry pie!

  2. Lucky you with the blue berries! Yum! Our son and family live in Michigan, and I always tell them I am so jealous of all the fresh ready to pick fruit! They went to get cherries with the kids a couple weeks ago— — 15-20 min and they had 20lb of cherries! Probably some in their bellies too .

    Daughters can get distracted . Especially when there are funny little ones to play with!

  3. Cheryl in Dallas

    “Never bargain with Kelli . . . “. Hahahaha! I will be laughing at that all day. Kind of like me bargains with my Boston Terriers: “ I will give you some roast beef if you sweep the floor.”

  4. Linda Carpenter

    I bought a cherry pitter that does 4 at a time from Bed Bath and Beyond…less than $15! Sure saves a lot of time.

  5. Those look like sweet cherries. We picked sour cherries one year, then had a contest to see who could pit the fastest. Our pitter was all metal, hurt my hands. Then we used old fashioned hair pins; they worked better, but we got tired of that too – too many cherries. Finally, we just squeezed the cherries, and out popped the pits with little fuss.

  6. It is so nice of you to include your child care “friend” in your quilting. Creating and helping make us all feel good. BTW, the best cherry pitter I have ever used is a bobby pin. I push the curved end into the cherry and pop out the seed. Totally free.

  7. When I was a kid we had four or five sour cherry trees on the place and boy, could they produce some years. Grandma had a cherry pitter that clamped onto a table, had a hopper at the top like a food grinder and a handle to crank. The pits came out in one spot and the cherries in another. Pretty slick and fast. I see a pitter like that in the Lehman’s catalog for $99. Ouch! I wonder whatever happened to Grandma’s.

  8. I love that you have cherries from my lovely state of Michigan! Kind of nice to think how we are all connected as quilters and makers.

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