String Challenge

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I had a few days off last week.  I had hoped to do sewing and sewing and sewing….I did sew a bit but not as much as I had hoped.  I got 14 sewn.  I need few more.  I have them started but not finished.  I sure would like to finish them yet tonight before bed but time is quickly ticking away.

I am so happy with myself for doing these all on the treadle.  One of my goals of the year was to learn to treadle.  I feel really comfortable with it now.  Another goal I had was to try to sew a whole quilt on it.  I won’t have a whole quilt but I will have a quilt with all of the string blocks sewn on a treadle.

Did you see Ruby sleeping on the couch while I worked?  That’s where she always is if I’m on the treadle.

Something else did happen….Do you remember be cleaning my sewing room way back in April?  You might not know this but…it still wasn’t completely clean and organized and that was THREE MONTHS AGO!!!  In the big move this old shelving unit that was in the closet got moved into the hallway….and there it stayed.  It stayed and stayed AND STAYED.  I told Hubby that that kids were coming home and we’d have help, it had to go.

We had help so we used it!!  Here is Karl to the left and Buck to the right.

If you remember- we can’t take furniture up and down our staircase.  When we remodeled the house we put a door in my sewing room and everything has to go in and out that door.

After Buck and Karl got it out the door, Hubby was at the bottom to “catch”.

Karl ran down stairs as quick as he could around and down to help Hubby “catch”.

They make me all so nervous.  Kelli had to take the pictures and had to busy myself elsewhere.  Ugh.  I wish things like that didn’t bother me so bad.

I am SUPER happy the shelf is gone.  Now I feel like I can finally finish cleaning the sewing room….but will I?  Eventually I’m sure.

3 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. Your string blocks are coming along and I love colors, so cheerful. My parents also put a “door” in the upstairs when they renovated an old farmhouse so they could take items in and out with ease so your pictures made me smile and recall some adventures in that old farmhouse. It took my parents 20 years to get it done but we all loved that house. Hope you find time to finish your sewing space.

  2. Oh my gosh, Jo. I would have been nervous too! Next time maybe they can tie a rope on the item and slowly lower it to the ground.
    Love the bright colors in your strings!

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