String Challenge

It happened.  What you might ask?  Nothing.  Nothing happened at all on a sewing machine the entire week long.  ENTIRE WEEK.  I didn’t touch it.  I didn’t even patch anything with it.  NOTHING happened on a sewing machine for me.  I thought that would never happen in my entire life, but there it did.

I was a little preoccupied.  The pending PET scan, the reorganizing of the quilting room and the sidetrack of cross stitching all played a part in the sewing not happening.

I think another thing happened….I started thinking about death being a little closer than I ever thought it might be….and that had me prioritizing my life list…about the same time I was thinking about the passing of Barbara Bush.  I had seen this quote.

That hit me…I’ve seen similar quotes before but this time it was more meaningful.  Do I really need to sew a trillion quilts?  We have more than plenty.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to sew and likely sew lots but I have people around me and other things I love besides sewing….so I’m doing some of those things.

….and this weekend, I spent a lot of time that I won’t regret.

I started out on Saturday and took a selfie.  It’s totally not me to take them except when Kalissa and Kelli force me…or I’m with Carver.  Other than that, the inclination never strikes me.  I think I did it on whim in an effort to documents starting fresh.

I ended up meeting up with these two…Kelli on the left and Kayla on the right.

We had garage saled, thrifted and had lunch…then Kelli had to leave.  I stayed on with Kayla.  We walked the dogs.  Kayla has two dogs, Bruce on the left…Tony on the right.

I stayed and Kayla and I went to her high school’s production of “Grease”.  Kayla took on the roll of being in charge of costumes for the play.  It was a big task as many of the scenes included most of the cast.  Costumes for it all was a lot!!  I wanted to see it…”Grease” is a favorite of mine.  It was great!

The Sunday rolled around and I spent most of it with these two.

They picked today to start up their antique business.  The weather was so nice.  We loaded up the pickup and Kalissa’s car and went to the antique mall, Generations, in Harmony, Minnesota.  Kalissa had not been to the store before so she did a quick perusal and then it was time to set things up.  This is their space for now.  They didn’t have time to get a good back drop up so for now, it’s pretty simple and that’s okay.  I think they want to see how they will do with sales before they dive in and spend a lot of money with back drops.

They both were pretty excited.  The gal across from our booth was tending her booth when we got there.  She was sure we priced things to cheap.  That’s okay though.  She was running a 15% off sale and was complaining that sales hadn’t been the best this month as there were snow storms the last three weekends and she didn’t have room to put her new items.  We would MUCH rather not make as much money and make more sales…and have more room and have to find more stuff.  It’s all good.  Everybody has their own idea of business.  Besides, I know how much I love getting a deal, I’d like others to get that same “good deal high”.

See…no sewing for me!  Well readers, show us your progress…Hopefully you had some!!

I’ll see you back here next week.  I am hoping I’ve unearthed the sewing machines and have the sewing room in a little better order.

9 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. Good luck on your new business adventure! I would like to do this when my husband retires but it doesn’t seem to interest him! If you price your items right the first time, you won’t have to have a sale or risk people not coming back because your things are too expensive! What a fun experience for a daughter and dad to do together!!!

  2. This weekend, I finally conquered my serger. I wasn’t too thrilled with the silhouette of the shirt I made, but the construction was fine. I’v only had the serger close to two decades.

  3. Carolyn in Texas

    You will never ever regret time spent with family. Those memories are extremely precious for everyone involved. Wish I wasn’t so far away I would shop there.

  4. I love the selfie. Looks great! You all did a great job with your booth setup. Looks inviting! Good luck with your new adventure.

  5. Susan from Kentucky

    And always, ALWAYS tell the ones you love, that you love them! I’m glad my husband and I did that a lot. That’s one of the few things I have to regret about him dying. He knew I loved him and I know he loved me!

  6. I love that big blue cupboard in the antique booth. I don’t have room for anything like that, but I still love it. Hope they do well in their new venture.

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