String Challenge

Last week I did so good and got LOTS and LOTS of sewing done.  This week….almost none.

When I left you I was here…..

Now I’m here…. Not a lot further.  See?The center is together …no borders yet.

Carver looked at it and said, “tute!” (his version of cute)

I had secretly hoped to have it done and finished for a Friday showing but I doubt that will happen.  Going to the doctor really slowed me down…lots.  But taking care of myself is more important than a quilt.  WAY.

Also Karl came home on Saturday so everyone has been home and will be home all week to soak up as much Karl time in as we can before he heads back to Texas on Friday.

I can’t believe how much a few days away from home put me behind.  I guess it goes to show I do occasionally accomplish something now and then.

I don’t know quite how I feel…my copy of Bonnie Hunter’s new book came,

Lou Ann of Lou Ann’s Quilt Garden & Retreat got them into her shop and sent one to me.

So did I reach my goal of having all of the quilts done before her new book came out?  Hmm…  everywhere that I’ve looked says her new book will be released on December 7th.  I’m taking that as the date I need to have the quilt finished by to reach my goal of making all of the books in Bonnie Hunter’s String Fling book.  I think that’s fair, don’t you?

The kids will all be home this week.  Some of them for several days.  I had hoped to get a quilt machine quilted for a wedding we have on Saturday but I am now thinking that I’ll probably give a quilt I already have done.

Maybe Bricks and Stepping Stones??  What do you think?
(Read about that quilt here)  I think that’s a nice quilt that anyone could like.

I should probably cut another one of those out, sew it up and have it on hand…Not now though.

Next week will be our last link up. My goal was to run the link up to challenge myself to finish my quilts from String Fling…and I’m about done…I hope you are too. It’s time for me to think of a new challenge for myself. Any ideas?

12 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. If her publication date was Dec 7, I think you stick with it. Fair is fair. It’s not like you ordered an advance copy ;-)

  2. Definitely give the bricks and stepping stones quilt. No need to add more stress to your week. Enjoy having your family home… They are more important than which quilt you give. I often add on the stress of making a special quilt for each occasion, even though I have a dozen quilts here without a home.

    I love reading your blog and am inspired by how much you get done… in so many areas of your life. I’ve been working on Scrapper’s Delight, a quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts It’s really just a huge quarter square log cabin blocks, that finish out at 12 inches. Of course once I had the required 36 blocks done, I decided I’d rather it fit my queen sized bed, and made 24 more blocks! It really helped to clear out some of my scrap bins of strips! The blocks are all trimmed and ready to lay out and sew together.

    While I was at the scrap bins, My blue bin was over flowing… could barely get the lid on it. So I dug into it, and the very full whites bin and made a curvy log cabin quilt, (Ok, just the blocks so far) I think that will be about 90×90 when I’m done… another big quilt! I think I’ll let them both simmer on the back burner for a while.
    I still want to make a string quilt with foundation piecing and a white strip on the diagonal… I have some really thin white fabric I think will be good for the foundation, and I won’t need to tear off papers.

    Next weekend, I head for a 4 day quilting retreat. I do this to myself every time… get so excited about piecing quilts in the weeks leading up to camp that I make a bunch of tops, then when Retreat finally rolls around, I am scrambling for projects to do. Sharing a table with another quilter means I don’t want to do super large projects… I don’t want to crowd out my table mate.

  3. Love your quilt! It gives me Autumn vibes.

    Wonderful, Karl’s home. I’d enjoy hearing how he’s (liking/not liking) teaching, Texas, and whatever adventures he’d care to share! Tell Karl please, and thank you! ;-)

  4. Enjoy your family time and give the completed quilt for the wedding gift! December 7th should be your date! Relax! The quilting will always be there but your family won’t!

  5. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    I have just discovered your blog (not sure how). I am enjoying reading your posts. It is giving me something to look forward to when I read my mail first thing with my coffee in the mornings. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Dec. 7th is fine for the final date. And even if you need more time, you have the most work done and it’s okay. As for the wedding quilt, the finished quilt is fine. It’s made by you. Family time is important, so enjoy the time when all are home. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I have become totally addicted to your blog! You inspired me to try paper piecing–I love it! Am making Emerald Ikat from a Fons & Porter magazine. Love your Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt. Have a blessed family Thanksgiving.

  8. The completed bricks and stepping stones would be a lovely quilt to receive; enjoy your family time. I’d also love to read about Karl’s adventures in Texas.

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