String Challenge

My weekend was filled with and auction, quilt show, and then processing the things we got at the auction.  I didn’t have sewing time.  OH NO!!  Aw…it’s okay.  There will be time for that.

I did finish Daylilies and showed it off on Friday.  That’s one more string quilt DONE!!  I am incredibly happy to have it done!!  If you missed that post, catch it here.  Thanks to all of you who commented with such kind words about the quilt.

So now I more on to another quilt from the book.  I have two left.

Pineapple Crazy, which is a top….I found a backing for it!  I had picked something before but hated it.  Yahoo.  This is MUCH better.  Now to piece it together and get it quilted.

The other quilt left is Tulip Fields.  I got that out and have it set up on my 15-91.  I don’t have the string piecing done on it, or even started, so it will be a mess.  It always is with string quilts.  I did make a change in plans.   Originally I thought I was going to do the quilt all batiks…but I’m kind of ready to do something different.  The last several quilts I did were batiks so time to change it up.  I am doing fall colors.  My point of the tulips are a batik (red toned) and my sashing is a yellow/orange batik (more golden)…I thought fall colors with that might be fun.

I’ve been working on trying to make a bit more of a “focused” scrap quilt.  To often I throw every single color in and aren’t as selective as I sometimes want to be…so very few blues on this one.  This is a shocker.  I always try to squeeze in blue…AND RED!!  I haven’t pulled scraps yet so I started working on step “C”…(who says the first step should be first??)

In other sewing news…I looked at the calendar.  We have a wedding in November.  Well two actually.  One is family but I hardly know them so, I broke with tradition and decided that I’m done making quilts for everyone in the family.  If I don’t really know the couple and the invitation only came from obligation, then I’m not making a quilt.  I did send a gift as we won’t make the wedding.  With the rain we’ve had Hubby still has only barely started harvest.  It’s troublesome.

The other wedding is a neighbor wedding.  We know the bride and groom and the parents and like them all LOTS.  The bride is a sister to one of my childcare families…the groom is on the fire department with Hubby.  This one, I am making a quilt for.  I did a long debate on what quilt to make…I tried to think of something they might like.  Then I remembered that I have Bricks in the Barnyard as a finished top.

I finished it at retreat in August.  The bride is a dairy farmer…I think it would make a great wedding quilt so, (sigh of relief), all I have to do is quilt it.  That’s do-able for a Thanksgiving weekend wedding.  Easily do-able.

So this week another quilt was checked off the list…and a backing found for the other and the other was pulled out.  That’s good I think!!  I’m counting it as a WIN week of work.

I’m hoping to have some progress next week. Life has been pretty busy so we’ll see.

8 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. I’m inspired by your lovely quilts to do some sewing this week! I haven’t sewn for weeks just not motivated. I especially like the top you will complete for a wedding gift ~ so so pretty!

  2. Always inspired by how much you get done! This week I have been sick so not much got done. I did bind a quilt I made as a sample for a local shop but that’s it

  3. Love your quilt! Did you know Bonnie Hunter, your strip quilt love, is in Omaha!? Omaha is only a couple hours from me! Ugh! Should have gone! It would have brightened the soggy weather, that’s for sure!

  4. Stephani in N. TX

    Your string challenge blogs are encouraging me to think about trying string blocks. Have saved phone books forever for the paper and moved with them. Good thing because when I moved to this small town outside DFW, there is no daily newspaper and no phone books. Have to depend on the iphone for yellow pages and mapping my way around. Love your recent quilt finishes, and Tulip Fields looks like it’s off to a good start.

  5. For several years I have made a quilt for our church school auction using the handprints of the kindergarten class. I started that this week. The auction is the weekend before Thanksgiving. I am also making some sundresses for people to include in their Christmas shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse. These are my two priorities until Thanksgiving. Any other sewing will be a bonus. But first I HAVE to go babysit my granddaughter for a few days. :)

  6. Love it! The backing for the pineapple choice will be a good choice I think. Tulip fields is my favorite from that particular book, so I’ll be anxious to see what you do!

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