String Challenge

I had a busy week.  Childcare is still settling into the new routine.  It’s going okay but I’ll be happier in a couple weeks when we are all truly settled in.  Hubby was gone some of the evening last week as he was busy cutting forth crop hay.  Friday night we were off to Minnesota for a reunion.  Saturday auction.  Sunday Kelli and Kayla were home for Carver’s 2nd birthday party and we had a retirement party.  BUSY.  Oh-and I’m ripping apart and reorganizing the basement.  Typically I don’t like busy weekends like that but this worked out good as I have nothing this coming weekend.

With all of that I knew I wouldn’t get lots of sewing time…..So I tried to steal whatever time I could manage.  You might remember that last week I told you I thought I would make this as a baby quilt for the new baby coming to childcare.  I started a boy version but found out they had a little girl, Jenna so…change of plans.  I need a girl version now.  (By the way this is from the book Oh, Scrap!.  Several people asked about the book)

I sat down at my Pfaff to do these and started moving what I was working on away-but then quickly stopped myself.

I have three machine set so that I can sew different projects at each machine.  So to the Singer 99 I went.

I sewed a few blocks only to discover this…..UGH!  The belt was shredding.  I never looked at the belt when I bought it.

Wasn’t it terrible?  This was the machine’s first work session and it was very short lived.

So I moved over and started sewing this this girl….Julie is my 15-91.  I like her.  I’m not real fan of the foot on the machine.  It’s a quarter inch but it doesn’t allow me to see the needle going in and I don’t like that.  The foot is very closed.

So I sewed a couple of the blocks.

Then I went down stairs to the computer and ordered a new belt and a new foot for this machine and the 99.  It’s not dire that I have a new foot but I prefer a new ones.

So all I got done this week was a few blocks for the baby quilt.  I got nothing done on a string project.  Oh well.  I still have time….and if I know me, I’ll likely run the clock to the last minute anyway!!

Check back here next week. I’m hoping my baby quilt is a top!!

9 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. Wow! You tire me out just reading what you’re doing! Sounds as if you got a ton of stuff done. Have a Good Week! Love reading your blog .

  2. You have had a busy week and sewing will be there while hubby is in the field. We spent the week end at Autumn Artristry in Osage with lots of family. My mom turned 80 so a celebration was in order. Love Iowa and the best sweet corn anywhere.

  3. Try a low-shank foot you do like to see if it fits. I have 2 Singer 99s made in 1929 (our grandmothers’ machines). I also have Baby Lock and Brother machines. I use all of my low-shank feet on all of the machines. I even use the quick release feet. It’s great! I get to sew with 2 lovely old machines and can use all of my fun feet to make the sewing easier.

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