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If you read my earlier blog posts you’ll know that I was hoping for a Sunday in the sewing room.  Alas, it didn’t happen.  We had most of the garage sale things cleaned up on Saturday but as long as the garage was almost clean, we decided to go the extra mile and really clean it.  From there I cleaned the laundry room.  I marked every item I have here that is suppose to go to our antique booth in Harmony, MN.  I made a pan of bars.  I paid some bills and my sewing time was quickly GONE.

Some people might be frustrated with the loss of sewing time, but I really wasn’t.  It was all things that need to get done…all things that would prevent me from having a good sewing day next weekend.  Besides…I know that Hubby’s days around here are numbered.  With fall right on our heals, he’ll soon be gone with harvest so I gave up my time to give him time and that’s what being in a good marriage is sometimes about.  He was so happy with what we got done and that means more to me than anything.

After dishes I did manage to sneak upstairs.  I started all of the String Challenge with the hope that I could get all of the quilts finished in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling.  Well…I have two tops done that aren’t quilted so it’s time.  Neither of the tops are ones that I’m excited about quilting….The reason…I feel like I won’t do a “good enough” job on them.

Here’s Daylilies…all a top.  But my oh my, how can I do justice to the quilting it needs??  I guess I’ll worry about that later because I have to have a backing before I need to really get concerned about the quilting right?  That’s my one step at a time theory.  Baby steps until the big step has to happen.  The first baby step…pick a backing fabric!

I dug through the the backing fabrics and had these I was considering….I ended up going with the fabric on the left.  Any of them would be perfectly fine.  This one, well, I just liked it best and I knew there were other quilts coming up that might do better with the other backings.

I measured it out and I have six yards.  The quilt is 90″ x 90″ so I need to add a little more to the backing to make it big enough.  I found my Daylilies quilt leftovers.  Here’s a strip of border pinwheels sewn together.

I ripped them apart and made this square shape.

That’s going to go in the backing…..  As soon as I get time to put it together.

As long as I was pulling backings, I pulled out my Pineapple Crazy quilt.  It needs to be quilted too.  UGH.  Another quilt I’m chicken to do the machine quilting on….  Baby steps Jo, baby steps.  So I found a backing for it.  This….

Ah…Now all I need is time to get the backings sewn together….then I’ll load them…then I’ll pick thread colors…and then, that’s when I can panic about at motif for the quilting.

I did squeeze in just a little bit of double wedding ring quilting but I’ll tell you more about that on Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “String Challenge”

  1. I love your backings Jo! So exciting that your in the home stretch now with Daylillies & Pineapple Crazy Quilt! I know your quilting is going to be just beautiful!

  2. A finished quilt is always better than a perfect top so try not to worry about the quilting motif. I try to remind myself of that. They will be beautiful.

  3. Jo, both quilts are really busy. The piecing is the spectacular part. I don’t think the quilting needs to be over the top, just something to showcase the piecing.

  4. Those two tops look very nice. Just soldier on… Like you I was worried about quilting my Pineapple Crazy but really longarm pattern was the way to go. Besides I was worn out from making all those blocks. My friend set up the pattern on her machine and the machine did it all and I loved the result. It all worked out. I enjoy reading your blog/adventures and I loved the things you sold recently. Good that I don’t live close. I would have been dragging home more treasures myself.

  5. Pineapple Crazy is plenty busy and doesn’t need anything too busy. Do your simple go-to pattern….it will look fantastic!

  6. An overall quilt pattern would be lovely on both the quilts! It doesn’t have to be an Angela Walters quilt where she does unique things to each square. Just an overall floral design as the quilts stand out themselves! Go for it.

  7. the real sewers always be frustrated to loose their time of sewing. this is really harsh. but your patterns makes me feel happier. this is really great. and so much beautiful. thanks for the designs and patterns

  8. They are both beautiful. I always have plans on what I am going to quilt when I get home or on the weekend. Rarely goes as planned, however I always manage to sneak some sewing time in.

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