Stress Reliever: PUPPIES

The week before the wedding was crazy here.  Many things had waited until the last minute and that had us scrambling.

One day Kelli was here on the verge of tears….I told here come here.  She came to the computer where I was sitting and we spent about 30 minutes looking at Lonesome Grove Beagles‘ pictures of puppies.  (pictures courtesy of Lonesome Grove Beagles)  Here are a couple of the pictures we saw.

How can these pictures not cheer a beagle lover up?

What’s even better than looking at the pictures is watching videos!!

I just dare you not to smile after you watch those videos.  If you want to see more videos check out their channel.

I know I’ve LOVED watching the videos and trust me, I’ve been checking out their blog periodically just to see what’s new.  No-I’m not looking or even wanting a puppy but if I were, I think we’d be making a trip to Tyndall, South Dakota.

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