Strawberry Sundae Returns Home

You might remember our Strawberry Sundae quilt that was featured in Quiltmaker magazine.


Well it’s home now.  Kelli and both really, really love this quilt.  Both of us said this is one quilt that one of should keep…but who??  That’s the problem with working in a partnership…who keeps the quilt.  My guess is that a good charity event will arise and we’ll end up giving it away.  Honestly, I would be happy if she just kept it.


This quilt comes with a fun story.  It was scheduled to be in our book, Country Girl Modern.  Right away the editor wanted to nix it.  Kelli and I didn’t if fact, we thought it was the perfect quilt….of all the quilts it was HIGH on our list of favorites.

We finally gave in and said that they could cut it.  We then asked that it get sent back to us immediately.   We wanted the quilt to be seen….so I got on the computer and sent out a message to one magazine and waited a couple days and they didn’t get back to us.  It kind of shocked me as I thought the quilt was a good fit for them.  I ended up sending the quilt submission to Quiltmaker and I got a response back immediately-yes they wanted it and could I get it there immediately to make the new issue they were working on.

I said that the package was scheduled to arrive at our house the next day and that I would send the package out that day if it got to my house before the post office closed.  The next day UPS delivered the quilt to us in the afternoon.  I grabbed the box, changed the label and headed out to the post office.

The next day the original magazine that I sent the quilt to wrote and they wanted it too!!  Too late though….

Originally we called this quilt Tops and Bottoms…It’s so hard to believe that we were just done making all the quilts for our book last year at this time and the hard work of the house was getting into full swing.  I am reminded of that when I see this original picture of the quilt hanging over the farm house porch rail.


Honestly…I love the quilt.  It’s one that fits most any style….So that’s the story of the quilt.

5 thoughts on “Strawberry Sundae Returns Home”

  1. Of all your quilts that I have seen, this is one of my favorites. I think it’s the color scheme- I love that peachy pink! Frankly, I also appreciate that it isn’t a square quilt (odd comment, I know, but beds aren’t square!). Right now, I’m making a quilt from your Jimmy John pattern; will try to send a picture when it’s done.

  2. I’ve loved this quilt since i first saw it. I had a stash (not the same colors) that would be a perfect fit, so i have plans to make this quilt too.

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