Strawberry Shortcake…a SUPER EASY Recipe

My strawberries are still producing-and that is a good thing!!  I have not however found a way to give myself more time in a day so sometimes I resort to SUPER EASY recipes that aren’t homemade…yet VERY convenient.  This recipe is very kid friendly.

Hubby has this example so covered with strawberries that you can’t even see the cake…but trust me, it’s there.

I didn’t have time to make my usual short cake so I tried this recipe that came from Country Threads’ newsletter, the Goat Gazette.  Here what you do.

Mix one box of dry cake mix…(We used vanilla being we wanted shortcake but you can use any flavor) with one box of angel food cake mix.  You are just mixing the dry ingredients together.  Put it all in a bag…it is your new go to cake mix.

Now to make a an actual cake…In a cereal bowl or small microwaveable cup:  Mix 3 Tablespoons of the cake mix with 2 Tablespoons of water.  Stir it up good and microwave for 1:45 minutes.  (My microwave is low wattage.  If your’s is high wattage try a smaller amount of time the first time you make it)

In two minutes (or maybe a bit less you will have a cake)  These make small kid size cupcakes.  Hubby doubles the recipe to make a bigger cake and to be honest, I do sometimes too. Then the cooking time can be moved up to two minutes.

Cover it with strawberries and whip cream and wa-la…an easy dessert that doesn’t get your kitchen all steamy.  To see the cupcake version head over to my other blog.  Today I hooked up with We are that Family because making easy tasty dessert from my family is something that works for me.

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  1. I was sent this recipe via email. Since my oven doesn’t work and once in a while I want cake, this is perfect for me. Next time I’ll have to add some strawberries or other garnish on top. Those strawberries look yummy. Thanks for sharing.

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