Strawberry Pretzel Dessert

Before Christmas I promised a recipe for Strawberry Pretzel Dessert.

Here’s Neighbor Girl and I mixing up one batch for her house and one for mine.


This has gotten to be a family favorite.  I love making it for Christmas as it’s red and the strawberries are extra special when I can eat them out of season.

The recipe originally came from the Lawler Iowa Church Cookbook.


I’ve gotten so I use 2 cups of crushed pretzels.  Hubby really wants me to make it with an Oreo crust which sounds like a great idea…chocolate and straweberries…YUM!

I am terrible at remembering to take pictures as I make things…Here’s the crust fresh from the oven…..


After that I forgot to take pictures.  Can you believe I even forgot to take a picture of the finished dessert?  I had to make it again a few weeks later so I’d have one to share here with the recipe.  It’s a good thing I’m not a food blogger…RIGHT???

So here it is…all ready to eat.  YUM!!Strawberry-Pretzel-3

Hubby is a chocolate fan but this dessert, he loves too.

I’ve gotten so I keep the ingredients on hand.  It’s become that much of a staple at our home.  I do recommend that this be a dessert that is best when serving more people.  It does okay in the refrigerator as a left over.  BUT, after two days or so the pretzels loose their punch and get a little soggy.

7 thoughts on “Strawberry Pretzel Dessert”

  1. I hade it with Oreos and I must admit I like the pretzels better, I think its the salt and sweet ( jello) that makes it so delicious. I left the cream centers in my Oreos when I put them in the food processor. It is a easy recipe and everyone loves it. You know your cookbook is an oldie but goodie because the recipe calls for Oleo!! not butter. loll

  2. Also a family favorite at our house. If you use gluten free pretzels, they stay crunchy longer. We also add a teaspoon of vanilla to the cream cheese layer.

  3. You’re right this is a great dessert. We grow raspberries and I have made this many times just substituting raspberries and raspberry Jell-O. Mmmm!
    My only complaint is that getting that first piece out can be a challenge.
    We have discussed at work is this a dessert or a salad? Hmmm?!

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