Strawberry Muffins

With my childcare kiddos I participate in a program called Iowa Food and Fitness.  My involvement is super easy…I let a gal come in twice a month and she does activities with the kids.  She promotes farm fresh foods, reads books and does crafts, bakes with kids, and all sorts of other things all promoting relationships with food.  The gal that comes to my house is awesome.  I really like her.  She’s great with the kids, friendly to me and not intrusive at all.   My kids really like her and are always excited for “Denise Days”.

Recently she made some awesome strawberry muffins with the kids.


They were moist and super tasty.  We have made them again since and will continue to make them.  Denise is so good letting the kids do it all from cutting the strawberries to bit sized pieces to even scooping the muffins into the tins.

Previous to Denise coming I would always make sure I baked with the kids…now, she’s kind of taken over some of that.  I still do…but not as often.  The kids LOVE eating what they make.  I think that’s a big key in getting kids to try new foods.

I’m guessing all of you might enjoy the recipe too.  Here it is….Baked Perfection: Strawberry Muffins link. 

Sadly (for us) Denise is going back to college to be a teacher and will be leaving the program at the end of the year when she sets off on a new journey to student teach.  We’re going to miss her.


My hope is that we get another good person that is friendly and helpful to me and the kids like Denise is!….and about those muffins, give them a try.  I loved them!!

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