Strawberry Jam

It’s not strawberry season here in Iowa, but Hubby and I ended up making TWO batches of Strawberry Jam last night.  One of the guys that he works worth knew of someone who is a trucker.  The trucker had a deliver to the south and brought back a whole bunch of strawberries and was selling them.

I took two flats worth of strawberries….we got all this plus three more jars.  I just put those three jars straight in the refrigerator to divvy out to the kids when they come home.  They will just get eaten that fast.

This morning for breakfast I had to try it out…YUM.

I popped an English muffin in the toaster to try the jam and then as it was toasting thought, “Oh, I’ll take a picture of the jam on the muffin too.”  Well the muffin pops up, I spread it with jam and I ate it, forgetting to take the picture.

So I had to pop another in the toaster..just to get a picture….HA!  No I ate it too.

We froze some of the strawberries and strawberry shakes too.  Today I think the last of them are going in a pie.  It was a real treat to have good strawberries so early in the season.

8 thoughts on “Strawberry Jam”

  1. I wish i was your neighbor…..would love to have a good cook next door to me so i could smell the labors of your love or maybe ‘barter’ for a jar of jam. ;o)

  2. We must be on the same wave length! On Monday, after dropping off my youngest at his work at 7 AM, I stopped at our local supermarket nearby and they had 3 flats of strawberries that were marked down! I got them for $2/flat (and not a moldy or spoiled berry in the bunch!!) and made 30 jars of jar using my Clear Gel recipe! Whoo Hoo!!! Been making the homemade 1 hour start to finish whole wheat bread and teaming it up with the jam to take to people I visit from Church! So far, 6 happy folks that I’ve delivered to and still plenty of it for my pantry!!! Good times!

  3. Hi Jo! Happy St. Patty’s Day. I am so envious of the jam and the fresh berries. Enjoy them and have a wonderful day. And don’t forget today is also National Quilting day so it is a perfect excuse to work on some sewing! Not that we ever need an excuse ; )

  4. Doesn’t get much better than homemade strawberry jam! I always make a strawberry-cranberry jam. Send your trucker down this way. I don’t want to wait until strawberry season this summer. I think I have one more jar left, but I’m saving it to send to our boy in Afghanistan.

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