Strawberry Cream Cheese Rolls

Some time ago I was reading Judy at Patchwork Times’ blog and she mentioned a  YouTube channel called I’m Still Working.  The gal that presents the videos there is really great.  I love the videos.   She cans a lot and cooks in the good old fashion simple way.  There are videos and videos and videos there.  Once we get moved and life settles down I hope to try many of her recipes.

One recipe that really caught my attention was the video and recipe and for Strawberry Cream Cheese Rolls.

Hubby came in the house, ate a roll and said-“Um, I think there’s a problem with these”.  Then he paused and said, “I don’t think you can make enough of them.”  He loved them.  I do too.

You can find the video/recipe on making them here.

Mine don’t look as good as her’s.  I mixed mine with my mixer and think I shouldn’t have added the last little bit of flour.  It didn’t hurt the taste though.

I just wrote vanilla pudding on the grocery list.  I want to have some on hand to make these again….YUM!!

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