Storage on the Cheap

Earlier this summer Hubby and I went to an auction.  It was in our town.  I looked through the items.  I told Hubby I was kind of interested in a couple things, gave him a price and walked home.

One of things I wanted was an outdoor enclosed shelving cupboard.  The childcare kids have lots of things they play with outside…chalk, little dishes, bubbles, water play things, jump ropes and the like.  I wanted somewhere to store them.  There were four of those cupboards so I hoped he’s get one.

Well a few hours passed and he called.  He said the auction wasn’t over but asked if I’d drive the pick up over and help him load his treasures.  I was sure he bought one of the cupboards if I needed to bring the truck.

Well he didn’t.

I was a little peeved when he said that they went for $40 each.  I didn’t think that was a bad price but apparently he did.  I had hoped to get that mess of child care things cleaned up.  UGH.

Well I went and paid the bill and started helping load the things he bought.  The auction was still going on with only a half dozen things left to sell.  I absent mindedly watched the selling as we loaded.

They were auctioning off a metal cabinet.  It was brown but my mind thought – “Hmmm, that could be painted”.  At the time we were carrying something towards the truck.  No one was bidding on it..the auctioneer was getting to the end of his lingo about ready to pass the piece with no sale when I heard myself holler “YES!”.

Hubby looked at me.  He had no idea what they were selling…just knew that I bought it.

So for $2.50 I bought this…


It originally had “wood grained” contact paper on the doors.  We peeled that off and I cleaned it the best I could.

Then I planned on painting it white.  Well there was no white paint.  Instead I used graphite chalk paint.  It now looks like this….
I don’t know if it will last outdoors for forever because it is metal and will likely rust but for now, it’s serving it’s purpose and I’m happy to have it.

I’m keeping it on the back patio.  The top shelf I’m using to hold some of the gardening and flower re-potting supplies of mine.  It’s so handy.  The rest is for childcare things.  I do hope it lasts…if not, who knows, maybe I can find another one on an auction.  I doubt it will only be $2.50 though.

In the end..I’m happy I didn’t get the cabinet that I originally wanted.  I love how life can work out that way.

7 thoughts on “Storage on the Cheap”

  1. Rustoleum is a spray paint that should hold off the rust for a bit. It probably costs more than $2.50 a can, though! Still, I’d look into it. (I probably misspelled the name, though.)

  2. Make sure you place some heavy items on the bottom shelf so it doesn’t tip over on the kiddos. (you probably already know that ;-) )

  3. I “third” the suggestion of getting a paint meant for metal & outside to help that cupboard last longer. What a great buy!

  4. I agree with Scarlett. You can buy something to attach the cabinet to the house to prevent it from tipping. Those are super tippy. Also with your new concrete I’d put it on something so when it rusts it doesn’t leave marks on your patio.

  5. Looks good and great comments from your followers. Some things you never think about like rust on the patio. Good on you girls.

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