STOP the Presses: We have news!!!

I have news of the VERY happiest kind.  Well actually Kelli and I have news.  It’s Kelli’s news but I’m sharing it.

Kelli carved pumpkins a little early this year.  Pumpkin on the far left…Jason’s with a tractor.  Pumpkin on the far right…a paw print for their dog Puppycat.  The pumpkin in the middle.  Kelli’s.  Notice the baby pumpkin inside that says March 2019!!

Yes, you guessed it.  Kelli and Jason are expecting.  We are absolutely thrilled.  It took a few trips to the doctor, a few meds and lots of prayers but it happened and that’s all that matters.

If you’re a long time blog reader, then you might remember that our daughter Kalissa and her hubby Craig are expecting too.  If you really log the Kramer family happenings you’ll know that Kalissa is due in March too.  The girls are two expecting two weeks apart.  WOW…Hubby and I will go from three grand kids to FIVE.  WOW.

We’ve known for a bit but there were a few iffy moments for a bit so we decided to keep it hush-hush but it looks like a normal pregnancy now so they feel comfortable announcing the news.

Ultrasounds are scheduled for next month.  Kelli is not finding out if the sex of the baby.  Kalissa is.

Kalissa and Craig’s baby is scheduled to come here for childcare.  Kelli is working on finding someone.  She lives a half hour away from us so it’s a little hard.  I have offered to try to do one day a week and help with the transportation.  I have one family who doesn’t come on Fridays so I thought I would offer Fridays to her if that works.

Someone asked me what I was going to do as it seems I already have lots of kids at childcare.  It’s sad but true.  My grand kids come first.  If I have to let a family go to make room for a grandchild, then that’s what I’ll have to do.  One of the reasons I started doing childcare was to help with my grand kids and still earn some money.  So that’s the way it’s going to be.  I think everyone would do the same thing so will understand.  Right now it’s a bit away so I’m not juggling schedules yet.

Here is our family picture from last April at Lucy’s baptism….

Isn’t it fun that in six months we’ll have two more kiddos in the picture?  I am so glad I’m still around to watch our family grow.

23 thoughts on “STOP the Presses: We have news!!!”

  1. I saw Kelli’s IG post and am happy for them! And I knew you’d be thrilled! Praying for all to continue to go well with both pregnancies. Won’t it be fun for the cousins to grow up together!

  2. That’s great news! Wow! Five grandchildren is quite a crowd and they will be pretty close in ages! What fun times they can have growing up together. Prayers that all continues to go well!

  3. WOW!!! That is the best possible news. I’m thrilled for everyone…especially Kelli and Jason, of course. Love the pumpkins, too!

  4. How exciting! Hope both girls have easy pregnancies and deliveries. I know that they will have lots of support from you. Both of my sister’s girls were pregnant at the same time, due the same day…but little sister had to jump ahead of big sister and have twins(!) a month early. So my sister went from 3 grandchildren, ages 4, 3 and 2 to 6! And they all visit her house every Friday! Even wilder now since the babies are now about 18 months old!

  5. Congratulations to Kelli & Jason. I went through treatments to have kids # 3&5. All the stress and anxiety that infertility treatments bring melt away the minute you hold that precious baby.

  6. Congratulations. Love the babies, they grow up way too fast.
    My great niece’s (Amber) Mother-in-law added 3 grandsons in 4 days. #1 arrived on Sunday, #2 arrived Wednesday morning and Amber left work early on Wednesday afternoon, went home and called her Mom who called the ambulance and #3 was born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital (rural North Dakota).

  7. What a wonderful blessing you have in not just 1 up coming grandbaby but 2 up coming grandbabies! From one Grandmother (Gammy) to another Grandmother I am so tickled for you! You are a saint to children of all ages with the love you have for them all. It’s like you have a never ending deep well of knowledge and love for children from your own kids to their kids to neighbors kids to your childcare kids. As well as charity quilts for kids and adults as well. You are an all around wonderful Person/Mom/Wife/Aunt/ Sister….I could go on and on but you get the picture. I’m with others I’m sure when I say “I love ya Jo! Keep on doing what you do so well.
    Jeri once in Iowa but now Texas is my home.

  8. That’s awesome news! Congratulation all the way around! We just had our 2nd grandchild arrive 2 weeks ago. Granddaughter #1 comes to Granny and Grumpa’s house for 5 hours a day 4 days a week and Granddaughter #2 will be joining her cousin when our daughter returns to work after the holidays. It’s a great way to spend the first couple of years of our early retirement!

  9. Congratulations to Kellie and Jason and to Grandpa and Grandma. Hope everything goes well for the pregnancies and deliveries.

  10. Congratulations on being a grandma times two. It’s like having twins in the family. So glad for your girls. Am praying all goes well for them. All day puking is absolutely no fun, but the baby is worth it. Thank you for your double wedding ring tutorial. I now understand how it works doing one is still iffy. But I love the looks of them.

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