Stop! Save those Bonus Triangle!!

Yesterday I read Bonnie Hunter’s next clue for Easy Street.  She doesn’t save bonus triangles from 2″ squares…but I do and maybe you want to too.

I love them and make wonderful use of them.  If you are working on Easy Street clue #5,  you can end up with 128 ~ 1 1/2″ half square triangles from this project.  I have made MANY of my Quilt Square Quilt Along blocks with bonus triangles.  I made a wall hanging too.

Two of those projects that used bonus half square triangles just happen to be on the quilting machine.

The block on the left that supposed to the applique block for this month’s Quilt Square Quilt Along used bonus triangles.

This Country Threads wall hanging used LOTS!!  Every one of those half square triangles was already sewn and ready to go when I wanted to make this project.  I just grabbed them out of the bag and started sewing.

Those bonus triangle also make fantastic pieces for crumb blocks!

Some people don’t like to mess with bonus triangles and I understand that…for me I love them..even the small ones that only finish at 1″.

12 thoughts on “Stop! Save those Bonus Triangle!!”

  1. I have boxes of them – would you like them? I just won’t get to them all – some are mine and a lot are given to me – over whelmed right now.

  2. I have used lots of them also. It is funny that the ones that usually make it in my projects are the ones given to me by someone else. They are perfect for the Farmer’s Wife project. It has helped me to get my blocks done more quickly with no cutting.

  3. When you sew your pieces on do you sew on both sides of the line before you cut them apart? I have been just cutting them off and putting them in a bag.

  4. Oooh… I’ve got a whole ton of blue and white bonus half square triangles left over from that Monkey Business quilt and was just debating whether to even keep them…. You’ve given me ideas! :-)

  5. Yes, I have them; save them, and even sew the 2nd seam b4 cutting them off. But I have yet to use them in a ‘real’ quilt. Just making Dishmats and MugRugs, potholders, etc.., but that’s still better than throwing out… right?!

  6. Dorothy Countryman

    I was wondering with the bonus half square triangles, does it matter that there is less then a 1/4 inch seam allowance? I have several that I made when I was doing a Sisters Choice quilt, and the seam allowance was approx 1/8 inch. Love your blog, and I absolutely love your verison of the Nine In the Middle. I will be making one with civil war reproductions with a similar board fabric to yours. I think the rust board makes it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. I would still use them. If possible next time you sewn try to allow more than that for a seam…THANKS and Merry Christmas to you too.

  7. I was planning on saving them too. Was going to sew them together as I sew the seam for my corners of Step 5. Love all the things you have made with your ‘bonus” HSTs. Thanks for sharing the ideas!

  8. I love the idea of using every thread of fabric. But I know I would never get to them. It would be nice to have my extra triangles be adopted by a good home. Would you like them? Just let me know how to get them to you. Merry Christmas.

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