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A post from Kelli–

So as I told you last week, I’m on a bit of a stitching streak.  I like it because it’s something that takes just enough concentration that I dont’ think and worry…but not too much that it gets stressful.  Also I like it because it’s something that’s for me…that I picked out.

I keep a little basket by “my” end of the couch that I keep it in and when I have a few minutes, I can just pick it up and make a few stitches.  As you can see, I’ve been working hard.  I don’t think that I had the second diamond started in the previous picture that i showed you.  I’ve been working on the one in the lower left hand corner.  I have it pretty far along and I’m looking to see what part I’ll be expanding to next.

While I’ve been stitching, I’ve been watching the Tiny House version of House Hunters.  If you haven’t watched House Hunters before, it’s a show that interviews a person or couple to see what they are looking for in a house, what their wants and needs are, and what their budget is.  Then the relator tries to find them a house that checks all of the boxes.  Often times the couple has a regular job that makes them tons upon tons of money so they have a huge unrealistic budget and they have a want list a mile and a half long.  I had gotten pretty annoyed with it because it seemed like lots of the people were really demanding and would get wrapped up in things like the wall color or that they wanted a master bathroom with their master bedroom that had to be a minimum of 20 feet by 20 feet and that they wanted it in their own separate wing of the house with a walk in closet.  I have a hard time relating to that because I’d really just like a shower in the basement and maybe while they were at it, they could put a toilet in too becasue we only have one bathroom.

Because of these things, I was a little aprehensive when I started watching the Tiny House version, but it’s been quite a bit better.  People seem slightly more realistic. You can still tell a lot of it is staged and people get a little picky about some strange things, but for the most part it’s better and people aren’t quite as petty.

Some of the houses range from like 120 square feet up to 400 square feet.  Some are mobile, some aren’t.  Some have full sized appliances and some have just a hot plate and small dorm fridge.  It’s interesting to see the differences and how people end up getting creative to use all of the space that they have.

The outsides of the houses are pretty interesting too.  Most are more cabin or cottage-y looking like this one–

Some have more of a industrial look–

And some are just a bit on the crazy side–

That last one is definitely not something I’d be interested in.

Watching the show really has made me think about what things would be important to me if I were to live in a tiny house.  I think that I would want one that was a little closer to the 400 square foot number and not mobile.  I would also want my bed on the ground floor with maybe storage above.  I’d also like a larger shower.  Apartment sized appliances would be okay, but I’d need a stove.  I’d also want to make sure there was somewhere I could have a couch (not a built in one) and would want a real plumbed toilet, not a composting one.  I would also like to make sure that there was plenty of storage for my crafting things. I would be okay with a pretty small clothes closet, but the crafting stuff would be really hard for me to pare down.

I’m sure it will never happen, but I think that living in a tiny house might be interesting.  Not something I would want to do for a long time probably, but something that may be interesting for a shorter period of time.

Have you watched this show?  What things do you think would be priorities for you?


16 thoughts on “Stitching Up a Storm”

  1. I agree with you Kelli about the regular House Hunters show. Some of their wants are way out of my real world. I’ve seen some of the Tiny House version shows and like you, I can relate more closely to them. Not quite ready for a tiny house but makes you think about what is really essential to be happy and comfortable.

  2. I remember living in my dorm room in college. It was VERY small. I was happy there. Of course my meals were eaten in the dining hall so no need for a kitchen. Then our first apartment was a one bedroom with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Again, not much room but my new husband and I both lived there and we were happy there too. It helped that our kitchen was big. We have lived in our big, old ten room house for 41 years. Again we have been happy here. Now I don’t know how we will downsize since we have filled every room with things and memories. I have been happy in all sizes of living arrangements but find it hard to get rid of my things now that I have acquired them.

  3. Netflix has a show Sarah Beeny’s Selling Houses. It is from England and it is interesting to see their houses.

  4. I think those tiny houses are so cute, but like Joyce in Oregon, I’d have to have two of them too, ha ha!

  5. I’ve never seen the show but now you have my curious. We went from a double wide home with 4 bedrooms – one turning into my sewing and craft room to a small apartment with 2 bedrooms – one is the guest room – and my craft room is no longer – just the far end shelving of the walk in closet for storage. I really had to whittle down everything – very little quilting stash and some cross stitch. It can be done but boy was it hard!

  6. I have watched both shows and I think House Hunters are hunting in very expensive real estate areas, like Conn so the budgets are super high. I like the idea of Tiny Houses to help the homeless get back on there feet ( they do this in many cities, like Madison Wis) but I would rather buy a RV and hit the road. We downsized from 4 bedrooms, 3 baths to a single wide mobile home and we love it. Less is best but it was hard to whittle it down to what we needed. Your stitching is beautiful.

  7. Anne Deedrick

    My nephew and his girlfriend made a tiny house out of a school bus – they call them schoolies. They are traveling throughout the U.S.
    I’d find it hard to live in something so small. I know what you mean about House Hunters. I guess we will never sell our house to any of them as we only have a bath and a half. Some people are just more picky than me.

  8. I couldn’t do it-the sewing room alone wouldn’t fit in a tiny house. I have seen the show though and find it an interesting concept.

  9. I’m with Joyce! I’d need two small houses. One for crafts and one for living.
    Love your sritching.

  10. Why on earth would a couple want to live in a tiny house? I look at them as being for single people. And then it would be a crunch. Plus, I’m old and climbing ladders or steep stairs to my bed just isn’t in the stars any more. My Gammill Premier wouldn’t fit in one anyway…never mind the DSM and the stash. :)

  11. I like the Tiny Houses, but I like watching International House Hunters. I always feel like I’ve been on a little vacation after each episode!

  12. For the most part I agree with your comments about a tiny house. But the third tiny house picture I would totally take at the beach any day! I could see it on the beach lot, perfect! I couldn’t live in a tiny house for more than a season meaning perhaps a college school year, or owning one at the beach or mountains for a weekend retreat. But to live in one for an undetermined future time, no thank you. My idea of a tiny house to live in for an undetermined amount of time would be about 800 square feet. That’s about as small as I could go.

  13. Seems like House Hunters was akways playing at the OB’s office when I was pregnant. Definitely not my cup of tea and one of many reasons we choose to live without satellite TV. I would find it hard to downsize and with only having a year left on our mortgage and owning a few acres, I don’t forsee it happening in the near future. I would however love to get a tiny house for my husband so I don’t have to deal with his mess daily. LOL

  14. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Since the people who are on these shows have really already chosen their places to live, I find it fun to try to figure out which one they picked based on their complaints about each one! Yeah, the prices and wants are crazy!! I also prefer to see the International and Beach versions so I can take mini vacations or see if I would be interested in really visiting a place. I could never live in a tiny house!! If I was alone, I might be able to do an RV if I could figure out how to have my longarm installed!

  15. I had read that House Hunters was staged and that you had to have a house in escrow already. You could usually tell because one house didn’t have any furniture, etc in it and that was the house they usually picked. LOL Some of their comments would crack me up. They were so worried that the house wasn’t large enough to entertain. How often do these people entertain? I liked the show when it first came on. Then the houses got larger and larger. Why worry about wall color. It can be painted. Love your cross stitching. I don’t do it anymore. Too tedious for me

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