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When I did my cross-stitch update on Friday, I forgot to tell you all about my stitching plans. I have some things that are changing as the calendar rolls around to August 1st.

First up…I am going to start stitching regularly on my Consider the Lilies project. I started this back in the fall of last year and then I just left it. I really only stitched the small amount that you see. I’ve been wanting to tackle some old projects. I have three projects that I would call UFOs. I no longer regularly work on them. This is one. I love the project but I’m a gal that needs a plan.

The plan is that I’ll stitch one page of this project each month. I’m not making myself stitch an exact page per say. I am going to finish stitching a motif if it moves from one page to another. I might not stitch the border flowers for one month and the next month I might go on a flower stitching marathon. I’m using loose rules but I at least have a goal and plan to work on it.

I invited any of you stitchers to join me if you were interested. The chart is cut into 24 pages. If we stitch a page a month, we’ll be done two years from now. That’s my hope. FYI: The little you see stitched is equivalent to one page. Fingers crossed I can stick with it and actually do it. There’s time to join us if you’d like. You can get a kit HERE.

So starting in August, I’m jumping onto this bandwagon.

Also starting August 1st is our newest stitch along for Quaker Wisdom Berries. We’ll be stitching these over the next six weeks or so. I’m hoping to stitch all three of them. I’m happy to be stitching these as they will all look so good together.

These are the first berries I’ve ever stitched. I’m excited to be starting and trying something new. I got the pattern, floss, and linen AND I got the finishing kit. Liz and Sherry at the Stitchery Nook have everything you need to make these. You can find everything HERE.

I am excited to be starting these…

I am also starting a project for Summer Cross Stitch Camp with

Sherri at Colorado Cross Stitcher. The August project is to pick something that you have never done before with cross stitch. I could use the Wisdom Berries as my project but instead, I decided to start this little project from the book When the Leaves Fall by Blackbird Designs. I will be stitching that little narrow pillow with a pumpkin. It’s tiny. The thing that allows this to be classified as a “something I’ve never done” project is because it is stitched on toweling…and stitched over one. I’m excited to give this a try.

I bought mine as a kit from the Stitchery Nook. You can call the shop if you are interested in a kit. They were putting some together when I was there for a retreat. I don’t see them listed on the website but if you give the shop a call I’m sure they can help you out. You will need the book When the Leaves Fall by Blackbird Designs. THIS is a link to the shop with their contact information. Below is my kit which included the toweling and thread.

I did pull out a few Fall charts that I would love to stitch.

Here’s a closer look. I would love to stitch all of these. They are from With Thy Needle and Thread. The top one is called Queen of the Harvest. I love it. I also love the pumpkin with the crow too.

Here are three other Fall charts I have that I would love to stitch. I pulled these out as a reminder to myself to not go crazy and buy a bunch more Fall charts. I have PLENTY here to stitch…

I’m sure designers will be coming out with more Fall designs soon. I’m starting to pick and choose what I want to get stitched for Fall…Hmm. Which would you pick??

I also have this book and would love to stitch a couple of these…I know I’ll never get them all stitched. A girl can dream though, right?

I also have some other projects waiting in the wings for me to start…I would love to start this one. This is from Blackbird Designs and is called My Heart Can Rest. You can find the chart HERE.

I also have this as a “will start soon” project. This is Maker and Mender by With Thy Needle and Thread.

Oh…there are so many things I want to stitch. It’s so hard to choose. I’m not someone who starts a lot of projects (at least compared to some cross-stitchers on flosstube-not there is anything wrong with that) so I actually like when we have a reason to start something…

But wait…there’s more! My friend Nell just posted that she is going to start this…

I’ve wanted to stitch this. It’s fun to stitch with other people. I have everything and could easily start this. Oh, my word. There are not enough hours in the day to cross-stitch!!

On Thursday I leave again for another cross stitch retreat. I’m trying to figure out what to take with me. Right now I’m leaning towards taking this…It’s my Birds of Feather by Blackbird Designs. This is where it was a Friday when I showed it to you. I did some more stitching on it over the weekend so it’s further along. It’s the project that is closest to a finish so I want to make sure to bring it and put a big chunk of time into it.

I really think it’s within striking distance to a finish.

I’m also pretty far on a finish for this one either…and yes. I did notice the mistake in the word “stitched”. I have ripped that out and am stitching again.

I am hoping to finish stitching these two this month. We’ll see.

It would be nice to bring along a new project too…or my Consider the Lilies. I know I will never get as much as I imagine stitched while I am at the retreat. I never do. A girl can be optimistic, right?

I am super excited to go. It’s all new people for me to meet. Kathryn who went to the last retreat is the only person I know who is going. I’m so looking forward to meeting new cross-stitch friends. There is still time to sign up I believe. Just call the Stitcher Nook. HERE’s a link to their site with their contact info. Nothing like a last-minute decision!! Just do it!!

Those are my cross-stitch plans…but of course, they are always open to change!!

10 thoughts on “Stitching Plans”

  1. Big plans! You are such an achiever and it is so fun to see your finished works. I hope you make lots of new friends and enjoy stitching at the retreat. I still want to do those Wisdom Berries, but know better than to start another project – I’m lots older than you, Jo, so need to finish ones I have started, including quilts.

  2. Cindy Kennard

    I love Queen of the Harvest! I always loved those squirrels, too. And I din’t know why, but Tom Turkey gave me a chuckle.
    I love to see what others are working on. I am trying not to buy too much ahead, as I have a few large pieces going and lots of smalls to do, but I seem to lose the fight.
    In the grand scheme of things, our quilting and our stitching bring us so much pleasure, and joy to those we share our gifts with, but these hobbies cost much less than many others. Thank you for the inspiration you give to us. It is because of you that I wanted to do a sampler with a fancy floral border. ( I chose The Wedding Pot Sampler , which I have completed the border on so far, and The Pot Sampler, both from Historical Society in the UK.)

  3. I just got When The Leaves Fall book by Blackbird Designs and really love the Tokens Of Love sampler. I also have Autumn’s Acorn Gathering with the little squirrels. They are so cute! But I have a few other fall charts and don’t know what I want to start. I’m thinking maybe two or three. We’ll see how it goes.

  4. I stitched Tom Turkey. I think I have all from that “series” and I’m doing them in silk. They are so relaxing to stitch. If you need an easier piece I’d choose that one. All of your projects are looking good, and the needle minders are fantastic! I’d pay $10 if I saw them somewhere, but that’s just a guess because I have no idea how long it took you to make them. I can see them being worth more if they were labor intensive. About how long do they take?

  5. For fall, I love the Queen of the Harvest and Where Bittersweet blooms. So Brenda Gervais! I have My Heart can Rest and just need the floss but waiting for it to call to me. I started Lilies last month and can hardly put it down. The border is a surprise for me…they are usually easy to stitch but boring to look at or cute but a pain to stitch. This is gorgeous and yet fun to stitch! Yea! Have fun at the retreat!

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