Stitchery Nook Samples and What I Bought

When I was at the Stitchery Nook for the cross stitch retreat last week I took some pictures of a few of the shop samples and thought I would share them with you. Then I thought I would fess up and share with you what I bought.

I don’t know the names of many of the pieces so if it’s something that you are interested in, you’d have to call the shop. I am not a Halloween gal but the one on the left is cute if you are a Halloween decorator.

I am a patriotic lover and would definitely stitch that. It’s in the United We Stand book and I’d love to stitch it.

Here are several cute small pillows. The pieces with a bible verse are Heartstring Samplery designs. Several of the pillows have cording on them. They are so nicely finished.

Here are more beautifully finished pillows and some amazing strawberry finishes. If you see the strawberry on the far right, they had lace for finishing and bought some of that.

This is a dough bowl of cute Easter finishes. You can see a couple of finished pillows from the book. So cute.

If you are a person who loves making ornaments, these are so cute. The shop carries the snowflakes for finishing. Part of me wishes that long ago I had started making ornaments for the grandkids…alas.

All three of these are nice pieces. The far-left one about stash is so cute…

These are all cute finishes for Valentine’s Day.

This is the patriotic block party piece from Hands on Designs. There is a lot of stitching in one small piece.

Here are two cute Halloween pieces. Isn’t the frame in the photo on the right fabulous? It goes perfectly with the piece.

Another fun Halloween piece…

When I was at the retreat blog reader Barb was sitting next to me stitching on this. She chose light blue linen.

I’ve shown you a picture of these before. I am really, really on the hunt for the fabric they used on the sides of these drums. Does anyone know what it might be?

This is a cute-cute little heart finish. I really love it.

This one was fun to see. It was a piece that we stitched as part of the stitch-along.

These little pieces are stitched on perforated paper. They are cute-cute-cute in person.

Here is a piece I almost bought…but didn’t.

You might remember that I already have this chart Tomato Row. I had planned on stitching it on a scrap of linen but I changed my mind. I am going to stitch it on this toweling that see in the sample. I was so excited to see this as it’s so cute!!

I ended up buying the toweling that’s needed.

Later when I went down to the store I went with Anita. She said she thought it would be awesome to get the toweling with the black strips and then stitch it with pumpkin orange colors and put the word pumpkin there instead. I thought it was a great idea and plan to buy some of that too.

Most of my purchases were threads I needed to finish kitting up other projects and the DMC to restock my DMC colors that had run out. I also bought a piece of linen that Liz had saved for me.

I bought only one thing that I didn’t plan on buying. It’s called With Thy Hands. It’s a new release from Teresa Kogut. It’s sewing themed. It’s a nice piece as there is a big chart, a needle book, and a small piece. It’s red and it’s sewing. I was tempted but I resisted.

Then I had an idea to make a name tag for my retreat setup. I thought to stitch only the scissors and the star and put my name where it says “stitch”. I also thought about doing another small piece with the pincushion.

That put me over the edge and I ended up buying the chart. I’m excited about it. I do like Teresa Kogut designs. They are always so nicely designed in colors I LOVE!!

That wraps up the retreat news…If you missed my post about the actual retreat, you can find it HERE.

It was a fun time shopping and a fun time at the retreat!!

11 thoughts on “Stitchery Nook Samples and What I Bought”

  1. I’m glad you gave in to temptation and bought With Thy Hands haha. I’m looking forward to seeing your individual pieces from it.

  2. I love seeing what shops have. I don’t get a chance to stop at any whole on the road. I don’t have an LNS when we park for the winter so I rely on pictures and online stores.
    As for ornaments for the kids, why not start now? I’ve been making ornaments for kids and grandkids since my first daughter was born. It’s something to remember me by and helps decorate their trees when they get their first ones. Small cross stitch on those snowflakes sound wonderful!

    Love and prayers

  3. Stephani in N. TX

    Lots of pretties Jo, loved seeing your shop close by. Glad to see you looking at pieces and hearing your adaptation plans. Creative stimulus can just keep us going with our hobbies. When I lived in N. Central TX, we drove as a group to a Dallas shop, a 3 hour car trip to a shop that was just as wonderful as yours. Our car was full, and at times we came in 2 cars. We stitched as a group at home, and on the road we were unstoppable, shopping, eating out, and full of fun on the way to Dallas and on the way home. I still have loads of XS hanging from the 90’s and I wonder about the stitching my friends did. Where is it now, who’s enjoying it?

  4. Sally A Marshall

    The lace on the strawberry if you need more, you can fine it at HobbyLobby. Blackbirds used it in some of their strawberry’s.

  5. So many inspiring and lovely charts. Oh so fun to see all of those. You certainly picked good ones to showcase for us. Thank you!

  6. Yes ditto on the misc. code challenge. It is good for my mind to know it is not just me doing something wrong with the gobbledy gook/

    When i read about and see the lovely stitchery creations it makes me imagine all sorts of things around our home but then reality sets in and the nervousness diminishing eyesight creates brings me back to reality and i just enjoy seeing yours
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for showing some great projects. I am stitching the Jim Shore Gnomes for my family for Christmas. I have two stitched, 1 in process and 2 more after that. They are a bit of a buster to stitch but the finished product is lovely. Keep up the good scouting!

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