Stitch Alongs for 2023??

I was talking to Liz at the Stitchery Nook and she asked if I was planning any stitch-alongs for 2023 or if I was going to keep going with them.

I looked around a little bit.  I found a few things I liked.  But then I thought I should probably ask all of you.

What are you thinking?  Do you like stitch-alongs?  Do you like big projects?  Do you like seasonal projects?  Do you like pillows?  Do like to frame things?

This is your chance to chime in with your thoughts.  Feel free to suggest charts or designers.  Right now, I was tossing around some thoughts.  Maybe a couple of smaller projects for early in the year and then do a bigger one in the Fall??

For some smaller projects, I liked any of these from With They Needle and Thread.

Then I got an idea that maybe we should be a year-long stitch-along and stitch something like Garden Club from Blackbird Designs.

This is a series of 12 small charts…but that might get a little expensive for some.

This is an individual chart…

There are eleven more charts and they can all be stitched together into one big piece like this if you want.  People have used different layouts.  This is more horizontal…

…and this vertical.  You can read more about the Garden Club series HERE.

If we did this, people could jump into the stitch along and make it their own.  You could pick three and stitch them in a row or column.  You could stitch individual ones of your choosing and frame them or make them into pillows or you could stitch the whole thing with a goal of stitching one each month.

I also didn’t know if we wanted to continue trying new things.

Do we want to learn to do a strawberry finish?

Do we want to learn to do an oval finish?

Do we want to learn to make a drum?

I proposed this question in the stitch along group Facebook page and this piece was suggested…
That’s kind of big but not too big.

This was also suggested…

This one isn’t really big either but might be pretty big for a person who is starting cross stitch.

The other thing with both of these is that they are religious…and I know that doesn’t appeal to everyone either.

SO…I’m asking that you all take some time.  Look through some of the online websites from designers and cross-stitch shops and share your thoughts on what you would like to do for a stitch-along.  If you don’t want to take the time to find a chart, could you leave a comment that says you prefer a stitch a small piece…want to be challenged with some over-one stitching…want to try a sampler…

Whatever your preference is, I’d love some input.  Obviously, I can’t please everyone with whatever I pick but I’d at least like to please some of you.

None of these would start until the new year.




52 thoughts on “Stitch Alongs for 2023??”

  1. Jo, I think anything you choose I’d be thrilled to join in. I have several of the patterns you ” threw out there”!
    I’m still trying to get some finishes as I’m now working on Fall and Christmas, but I’ll certainly be ready for a new 2023 SAL!

  2. I love the Home Sweet Home. Where I grew up – in East Hampton Long Island is where the Real Home Sweet Home building is. It even has more meaning and memories to me now- my mom passed away on 10/10 this past week. We used to have our summer fair LVIS near The Milford farm house in town. It was the highlight of my summer as a child. Praying your new grandson is doing well.

  3. Should be Mulford Farm house- it changed spelling.You can also look up Home Sweet Home museum. I also like the one with the abc and scripture.

  4. I would have to think for a while to come up with specific patterns, but I can tell you some features that I like. Even though I have been slow since May, I love the stitch along and the group exchanges in the Facebook group. I love doing a combination of small and larger projects. I love learning new things or trying new things. You have been good about finding thinsgs that let us stretch. I would like to try projects that use other fabrics or threads like the Victoria Clayton that Judy talks about or the Anchor that you talk about. I love that some of the projects you showed have blue birds. I started to list things, but I found out that I love everything that you showed. I just hope that it shows my enthusiasm

  5. I hope you do have a stitch along for 2023. I already have several of the Blackbird Garden Club charts and the With thy needle charts. Usually I do bigger framed pieces but I could try something smaller. Learning new things is always good!


    Hi Jo – I really like all the patterns that have been chosen so far as well as most of the ones you have chosen to do on your own. I prefer not to do very religious patterns. For example, I wouldn’t want to do “This is the Day”, but I really like “Rejoice Evermore”. I think the Garden Club would be fun to do. I just ordered the ornaments that were mentioned in a recent blog post.

    Thanks for everything you do for so many!

  7. Would love to learn some of the alternate finish options – maybe a small stitch each quarter and then finish? Love the first sampler with the blue birds also – maybe your daughter could chart an alternate saying if people don’t like the religious saying. Love your blog!

  8. I like smaller projects for cross stitching so I can get finished. I like the one above that says, Bloom, or something similar. I really enjoyed doing the Blessed one this year and I also did one like you did “Autumn.” I am fine with you all choosing what you want and if it is something I want to stitch I will join in. I have plenty to work on, but I still enjoy seeing what others are doing. I just finished one I had started before the first SAL – it is “I Will Cling to the Old Rugged Cross.”

  9. Hi Jo, I would love to join another of your SAL! I am good with anything that is chosen – I really enjoy stitching and everything you have shown would work for me. Glad to hear that Anders is home. I have a four month old grandson and I can’t imagine how scary that was for all of you.

  10. Really enjoy the stitch alongs so far! It’s great that the shop can make as a kit with the fabric and floss options! I don’t mind the religious sayings and enjoy having a completed work I can finish off myself. Joined in the first two and kick myself for not on your last offering! I’ll be ready when 2023 comes to join again!! So good to hear that the newest grandson is HOME!! Take care!

  11. I’d like the blackbird designs, but as would be expensive, they also have a 3 part series on birds, but could just do one or whatever. I’ve dying to do a berry, have several of Erica Michaels ones.

  12. I would love to learn new finishing techniques, Jo! The oval and the drum are right up my alley, not sure about the strawberry although it is terribly cute. I could always give it a go and see if I enjoy making them.

    As for SAL’s in 2023 I prefer the last two suggested in the Facebook group (which I’ve not been receiving notifications on, will check my settings). Either of those are great. I do like the idea of the large project yet I would probably make just three vs the entire series of twelve (12). As for “religious” items they are not an issue for me as I embrace my faith life with Jesus. Thank you for being sensitive to others that sadly do not share that same relationship with Him.

    Hope this comment helps you.

  13. These are all beautiful! All great ideas. I can’t even begin to pick one. I’d probably lean towards a smaller one though for my first stitch along.

  14. I started cross stitching because of your SAL “Blessed”. I love doing smalls, because they get finished. Learning new things, like the strawberry or a drum pattern is something that’s high on my list.

  15. I have “This Is The Day” and I am just needing a push to start it. That would be it. I also have the “Basket of Cherries”. Although I love the series, I would just do the one. The oval would be great too. I found a little basket with an oval lid this past weekend and I bought it with the intention to find an oval chart to stitch and attach to the top. :)

  16. Hi Jo! 2023 is going to be my year of catching up on my Lori Holt projects. I have several large and small that need to get finished. That being said I would love smaller projects that would finish as a drum or a strawberry. I haven’t tried either one and is one my list of things to try. Thanks so much for all you do!

  17. Gayle in Tennessee

    Jo, I would enjoy the small pieces to stitch. There are so many charts to pick from, but I like all 4 you showed here. The Garden Club series is nice too where people can pick which chart they want to do if they don’t want to do all twelve.
    I am interested in using different threads than DMC when possible. I love stitching with variegated thread of one color on a small piece (like the Redbird by Heart in Hand that we did with silk). I am looking forward to your SALs in 2023.

  18. I love the finish by Abby on the page for Fans of Blackbird Designs. How very clever, and a great vision for the final look of the work.

  19. All your choices are lovely but Bloom really captured my attention and Rejoice captured my heart. May have to get them ‘just in case’ you choose them.

  20. I’ve been wanting to try a drum… and those offset thingies that are sewn a certain way to make an interesting shape. Can’t remember what they are called.

  21. Since we are mainly stitchers, I would like to stitch Matter in Hand by Jeannette Douglas or a block party pin cushion by Hands on Design. She has several designs that may appeal to your followers. I’d also like to try a Quaker design, they are so beautiful. I would be interested in the different finishes…strawberry, drum, etc. that you suggested Jo.

  22. I really like Our Story (HOME) and This Is The Day. Starting the year (and beginners) off with a simple Lizzie Kate might be fun!

  23. I have been wanting to learn how to stitch a drum. I also like This is The Day , Rejoice Evermore and Our Story or even Basket of Cherries and maybe do 3 or 4 from the series. I look forward to stitching with the group. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. Please keep them coming.

  24. Hi, I like everything you make and your choices are great!
    I had a dream that I suggested that you design something for us. Sounded good to me when I woke up, so I am proposing this to you. It seems like a natural progression to me as you are a quilt designer.
    BTW, in my dream you said YES!

  25. I would like to do something seasonal, one every three months. Maybe seasonal house scenes or something that represents the four seasons. Maybe on the smaller side so we could make individual items or put them all on one piece similar to a sampler.

  26. I just thought about Little House Needleworks Christmas Village or Farmhouse charts or something similar. These usually have 12 monthly charts but we could each choose the four we like and do one for every 3 months and have a set to display for the holidays or after.

  27. I always liked your Pins & Orts. Wasn’t that a drum? The Garden Club Series is gorgeous and could see that flexibility could help in some ways but might be harder for Stitchery Nook. Rejoice Evermore is my favorite of what you showed. That’s new to me and I love the colors and blue birds in it. It would be very easy to take out the words and put a different motif there.

  28. I like the idea of the smaller projects, easier to complete and feel accomplishment. I would like a lesson on how to stitch with the silk floss. Even when I separate the strands they still seem to look bulky and messy, not liking that look. What’s your advice? Also not sure if you ever work with metallic threads? Those are so pretty when woven in a project but just hell on earth to work with.

  29. I would interested in doing something that is seasonally t themed.
    Example: spring/easter/summer/fall/Halloween/winter/Christmas

  30. I would interested in doing something that is seasonally t themed. Example: spring/easter/summer/fall/Halloween/winter/Christmas

  31. I love all your ideas. I especially like Rejoice ever more. I started cross stitching years ago and got away from it,I just started up again a few months ago and have yet to do a sampler. This would be the push I need. On a personal note, I have the pleasure of knowing your daughter Kayla, I’m good friends with her mother-in-law. They have a beautiful family.

  32. I put this comment on your FB page but thought you might prefer to keep our suggestions all in one place so I’ll repeat it.

    I have been mulling over Two by Julia by Shakespeare’s Peddler as a future project. It has two samplers so people can choose the one they prefer to stitch. It means two SAL at once but similar patterns. (Jo, you would only be expected to make one of them) :-)

    While I have you, can I ask what weight interfacing you use to back a piece before finishing? Thanks!

  33. I like the idea of a SAL in the new year. In reading your post 3 ideas struck me quickly – I would love to learn about oval finish, I like Rejoice Evermore and also This is the day. Having said that I would be interested in whatever you come up with.

  34. I also like the small projects as well as seasonal ones. I’ve been looking at “band” patterns but haven’t located one that would be good for a stitch along. But ideally, one that you could test a variety of border designs, different stitches and embellishments. But, the whole piece would be 4-6 wide.

  35. I like the idea of a SAL with smalls. The Bloom and Nest patterns are cute! I have This is the Day a third of the way done. I wouldn’t mind stitching it along with others though. It hasn’t been touched in months and I really love it!

  36. Jo, I am trying to find your post with the four seasonal cross stitches. Was the designer Blackbird or With Thy Needle and Thread? Thanks for any help you can give me,

  37. Jo,
    I like all of the above charts , my favorites are the With thy Needle and thread ones and also This is the Day.
    I’ve really liked everything you have stitched, so I know we cant go wrong with whatever you choose !

    So thankful your precious grandson is home and everyone is doing well.

  38. I think the garden series looks beautiful and fun. I prefer smallish items and, as you pointed out, we could choose to do some or all of them.

    I’ll join whatever gets chosen.

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