Stitch Along Update Old and New

Have you been stitching along with us?  Judy from Patchwork Times and I have been hosting a stitch along for this Waxing Moon design.  We’re stitching the one on the bottom left.  Judy has been doing awesome…me, not so much.  Judy is doing so awesome as she is already finished.

By request of many of you, Judy and I started a Facebook group.  You can find it HERE.  I’ve had such fun seeing all the work the stitch-alongers have been doing.

Rondalin finished her pillow.  The trim on this is cute!

Carol finished this piece…
It looks great!!

Julie is working along and looks like she’ll be closing in on a finish soon.

Shelley did some extra work and made this piece her own.

Dianne has a finish too…Looking good!!

I love that in those photos you can all see how each person is making the piece and finishing the piece to their own liking.  WOW.  They all look so good.

Congrats to those that have their stitching finished!!

If you’re still stitching along, no worries.  I’m still stitching along too.  I’m not seriously behind but you see that white pumpkin and the lighter pumpkin by its side?  Those were the April assignment.  How’s that for a stitch-along hostess to be behind??

If you’re behind like me, no worries.  We’re hoping we all have finishes by August so there is PLENTY time to keep working on this.  Just because others are finished, don’t let that discourage you!

So next up after this stitch along is the Red Bird Sampler stitch along.  This one is by Heart in Hand.  I’ve had a few questions about it.  First off, you can get your kit HERE.  It sounds like we have about 100 of us stitching along with us so far.  YAHOO!!  That’s great that so many of you are joining.

As always Liz and Sherri from the Stitchery Nook are putting kits together for anyone who wants to purchase one.  With this one, we’re giving the option to purchase silk for the floss. We’re hoping it would give you a chance to try silk if you haven’t already.

If you already have the chart, if you don’t want to try silk, if you have your own linen…if you hate red and want to do it black…you’re entirely welcome to join.  This is a make-it-your-own stitch along!  No rules.

Someone asked if I had a plan on how to divide the stitching out.  My thought was to stitch the bird, everything to the left and border one month…and then the alphabet the next month.

We’d start June 1st and end August 1st.

If you need/want longer, that’s perfectly fine too.  No hurry.  Our hope is that we finish these stitch alongs  by September because believe it or not, Judy and I have plans for yet another stitch along in September and this one would likely finish out the year.

Judy and I picked this…but Liz is flying around to see if she can get it all together.  There is a serious shortage of linen…and getting floss isn’t the easiest either.  So before we announce a pre-order or anything, we want to make sure everything is available.

The picture is a little deceiving.  This really isn’t very large.  If you’d stitch this on 14 count Aida it would be 8 1/2″ x 9 1/2″.  If you’re stitching on 40-count linen, it would be about 6″ x 7″.  It’s a great beginning sampler as there aren’t borders to match up.  Some of the motifs are repeated.  It doesn’t take a lot of colors.  You can get practice personalizing something with your initials.

I know many of you say you love my sampler wall.  I’m hoping you can build some confidence so that you could have a sampler wall too.  This little gem would be the perfect start for one.  It would give you a good taste of what stitching samplers is like.

One more thing before you go…
We still have openings for the retreat.  I’d really love for you to come.  Right now there is still room for you and a friend…or no friends is fine too.  No worries about coming alone.  I’d love to meet and become your friend.  I have to laugh as Connie, my blog reader friend came up and introduced herself to me at a quilting retreat and we’ve been friends ever since.  I love that and would totally like to make more friends!

How to get registered:
The Stitchery Nook is taking all of the reservations.  That is where you need to call.  Reservations are being taken by phone only…no emails, no texts…actual phone calls only.  When you call have a credit card ready.  You will be required to put down a non-refundable deposit of $50.  The rest can be paid on the day you come.
Here is the phone number:  (641) 732-5329
Be ready to tell Liz about your preference as far as staying at the retreat center or making your own accommodations.

If you missed the post about the retreat, you can find it HERE to get all of the details.  Seriously…consider it.  I’d love to have you join us.

10 thoughts on “Stitch Along Update Old and New”

  1. Everything about this post is so “Jo”. You featured others’ work, admitted being behind, encouraged everyone, then ended with an invite to meet up! Blessings!

  2. I’m stitching on my Blessed project. I just started the white pumpkin in the middle. I’m really enjoying this design. I got my Redbird kit already, I love that design too.

  3. Kristy Wilkinson

    I have just finished the L pumpkin. I am looking forward to working on the E pumpkin. It has been challenging to stitch on the linen and I am doing the 28 count over 2. I am getting a bit more consistent in my individual cross stitches but I do prefer stitching half crosses and then going back and crossing them. I just want to get the variegated look from my floss so I am doing the individual stitches. I feel like sometimes I unstitch more than I stitch! I am looking forward to trying the silk floss and am going to be making my own design up for your stitch along based on more of the quaker style of stitching. I am looking forward to it! Thanks for encouraging us to try new things in our cross stitching. K-

    1. Kathryn Martin

      Never fear Kristy, I am not quite finished with the L pumpkin, so we are both a little behind! I don’t have much of the green done, either, but it’s coming along. I am enjoying this project and that’s what’s important to me. Thanks for sharing your progress!

  4. Another stitch along!!!!! Exciting. I hope that they will be able to get the materials. Looking forward to it!

  5. Oh I do hope the ladies at the Stitchery Nook can get all the materials together for the potential future SAL! I’m in no matter which way it goes regardless as I’m loving the current SAL and looking forward to all future SALs. The ladies that are already finished with our current SAL did great jobs!

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  7. Cecilia Courtemanche

    I love all you share: but does everything need to be cross stitching or counted cross stitching? I embroider … please: share the embroidery as well!! Itsca well deserved craft that gives so much pleasure to so many!

    1. Hi Cecilia. I haven’t done any embroidery for several years. It’s impossible for me to share something I am not doing. I’m sure there are some embroidery blogs out there you could check out.

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