Stitch Along: Spring Messenger

Hey all…to you remember that I started a stitch along?  It’s for this project…

It’s a Scattered Seeds Samplers chart.  The gals at Stitchery Nook in Osage, Iowa have volunteered to makes kits and sell them.  I know many of you have already purchased kits and plan to stitch along.  You can order the supplies through THIS LINK if you you’re interested in joining us.

As I said earlier, feel free to start the kit as soon as you get it so you have time to stitch and finish it for spring display.

In the past I’ve had a few people who were disenchanted with me because they thought a stitch along is more hands on than I made it.  Typically in the cross stitch world, a Stitch Along has really only meant, “Hey, I’m stitching this, do you want to stitch it too?”.  I think many of you were more under the impression that a stich along meant, I would show you step by step how to stitch and how to make the piece.

That is all nice…I really wish I could do that completely.  I wish I could come to each and every person’s house who is new to cross stitch and help you learn to stitch…sadly, I can’t.  But, I tried to do a “next best thing”.

It’s not the very best…but…
I made a video that is a beginner video for anyone wanting to stitch along.  I have to tell you, it’s REALLY, REALLY hard to film a video.  It’s hard to see around a camera.  It’s hard to get the camera close enough to see the stitching.  It’s really hard all the way around and that’s why you just don’t find those type of videos on Youtube.  I did give it a try though.

Here is the video.  You can press the play button and watch in now or you can go to Youtube by following THIS LINK.  You can save the video and then watch it later on your television or device.

As I said, the video isn’t perfect.  I tried to add as much information on how to start your project.

If you’re just curious about stitching and want to check out and see if it’s the thing for you, please watch the video.  I’d love to have more cross stitchers join us.

For this video I showed how to stitch on linen…Aida would be different.  In the video I did try to show you how to do the “sewing stitch” and showed how to do the poke method too.  Both work.  It doesn’t matter what method you use.

If you’re interested you can also join the Stitch Along Facebook group.  The more the merrier.  You can find that group HERE.

If there is interest, I will try to film a “Stitch with Jo”.  It would just be me stitching and chatting…maybe a few tips and a method to my madness.  Again, you’ll have to remember it is hard to stitch with the camera, lighting, and not being able to see the best…but I am willing to give it a try.  With time, I might be able to master it.  Thanks for being understanding that I’m new at this all.

12 thoughts on “Stitch Along: Spring Messenger”

  1. I had seen this chart and wanted to stitch it. Such a sweet robin and her eggs. So easy to order from Stitchery Nook and it arrived yesterday. I’ll get the floss gathered today. I can’t wait to start this!

  2. Thank you for your video – I’ve tried to stitch on linen but never did well. I’ve saved your video for later when I have a better signal!
    Love and prayers

  3. Dear Jo, You are sew helpful and try sew hard to help each of us. Thank you. There are several Youtube videos that show these methods already. I watched some for the first stitch a long to see how to do the sewing method as I was not familiar with this method. Sadly, can’t remember what they are called, but I think I found them by asking Google “how to”. Happy Stitching.

  4. I wish I had come across the stitching groups several years back. Prior to Covid, I we decluttering and sold all my cross-stitch stuff…years of collecting floss and cloth..☹️. I was using a frame to stitch and was getting tendonitis in my elbow for holding it in one position. Never thought of trying to stitch without a frame…. Now I wish I had it all back…guess I’ll have to confine my hand work to binding quilts and EPP. But, the video was great!

  5. Maybe stitchers are looking for more structure and weekly “homework” in their SAL’s. For example, gather supplies & floss for week 1, stitch the tree trunk for week 2, leaves & berries for week 3, bird’s nest for week 4, etc. I know I participated in a SAL for a halloween table runner from an online quilt shop several years ago and thought it was going to be broken into sewing segments, but it wasn’t. It was just order the kit, download the pattern and sew. No more instruction, direction, just post pics when you were done. I was disappointed and never did finish the tablerunner. Never felt like I was sewing along with anyone else.

    1. That structure is hard with cross stitch as so many people stitch differently. Some stitch borders first…some start in the middle. It’s all just harder because of that. I’ll think on your comment. THANKS.

  6. Diane In Nebraska

    Thanks for the video Jo! I will get my linen piece out and try it again. I did the Halloween SAL, started it on linen and went to Aida. I enjoyed the SAL and will do another using linen as soon as I finish a couple quilting UFOs.
    Happy Stitching all, whatever your working on.

    1. I am in with the new SAL and working on the ‍⬛ Black Dog Sampler now. I enjoy the weekly updates of your cross stitching projects, Jo. If you need more quilt finishers, I have done machine quilting and will be glad to help. Blessings.

  7. You have got to be just one of the most genuinely kind people on this planet. At least based on how I define kind. I’m debating the SAL. It is tempting…..

  8. Lucinda in Oklahoma

    I am mesmerized with your video to show those of us who don’t stitch how to cross stitch. I may try this. Your blog has been therapeutic for me. You talk like I’m right there in your writing. The quilting notes and videos are especially fun. I applaud you and all the quilters for your work to help those who are less fortunate.

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